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I recently quit smoking weed because I’m starting a new job at a hospital. Last week I decided I needed to lose weight so I have not eaten any carbs since then and have kept my calorie intake to >1200 per day. I also found out I have Covid yesterday. I usually have a couple of drinks per day but was feeling like crap so I skipped that today. I feel like crap right now, I want so badly to go make a box of macaroni but I have lost 7 pounds since last week and don’t wanna screw up my progress. Pls help me fucking control myself. I’m soooo hungry and depressed.
Yah go somewhere without food sorry that's my solution I have no self control so...
Well luckily we are kinda broke until my next paycheck so there isn’t much food in the house- but, there’s this box of four cheese spiral macaroni that I bought before I decided I needed to fix my fat body, just sitting on the kitchen table taunting me. Plus a bunch of goldfish crackers my kids like to eat. I’m so dang hungry. I had a breakfast taco on one of those carb-control tortillas yesterday and haven’t eaten since. I can’t wait to get down to my goal weight so I can indulge in junk food once in awhile again.
>kinda broke
Yah I know that feeling groceries went over budget for me too this month.
The only time I was ever in shape is when I became friends with some guys that liked downhill mountain biking.
We traveled really light some power bars for energy and water.
Like I said nothing to eat no way to gain weight.
But that's over after one guy lost an hand the group split.
Same. We made a strict meal plan that should get us through the end of the month but I haven’t been able to eat any of it since I decided to cut out carbs. I had a bad habit of enjoying tasty food after finishing all my daily responsibilities and getting my kids to bed so now every night I just feel bored and depressed.

I need to get into biking. I have been doing 15-20 minutes on a stationary bike each day until the Covid symptoms hit.

Shoot that’s terrible that he lost a hand wtf. But maybe you’ll get back into biking one day.
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you need to stock your house with easy and convenient healthy food

>you have kids
>carb-control tortillas
>can't wait to hit a goal weight so you can.. relapse on junk food and undo all your progress

oh onononononono, you've got all the risk factors for failing

look into recipes online that are fast, easy, feed a family, cheap, and healthy, there's millions of them, hell you can go to /ck/ and make a thread asking about it IN FACT if you post a preference for some sort of protein/carb/veg, I will make up a recipe that should be really easy for you to make, right now, in this thread
I still bike everywhere don't even own a car but it's not the same.
You can loose stupid amounts of fat climbing a mountain.
I rarely eat meat these days but cheese is a problem for me too.
Everyone is depressed nobody has a solution
I do appreciate the advice but luckily my husband has me covered. He’s a really good cook and he knows lots of good healthy recipes. He had been making me some good healthy stuff but he is sick and out of commission. I’m also having aches and chills and not in the mood to cook- this would be exactly the kind of night where it would be convenient to eat some crappy instant food but I’m resisting.

And yes maybe I will fail if I let myself eat unhealthy food again, but for now I am motivating myself to stick to my goals by imagining a day in the future where we can out for a drink and a burger every once in awhile without worrying too much.

I could definitely stand to learn to make myself some easier/quick snacks and meals.
Aw well you’re probably in pretty good shape anyway if you’re doing that.

Maybe one day I can work up to mountain biking.
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a social night out eating yummy stuff is fine, it's not about a restriction of pleasure or enjoyment, it's about self-awareness and seeing the long-term picture which for you may be not needing a variety of heart meds, or insulin, or heart surgery in the future, or being able to care for yourself and not be a burden on your kids as they grow older, which ought to make the issue of staying healthy an absolutely trivial decision to make, yes we all err sometimes, but you need to just remain self-aware of these things

>letting your husband cook everything

lazy fucker learn how to cook, it's literally not that hard, especially since he's sick

just just open up youtube you double retard faggot, there are millions of videos to learn from
Starting a new job + quitting any type of smoking + dieting is a bad mix. Let yourself at least not be starving for a few weeks until you quit smoking. This is a classic fuckup people do where they try to fix everything at once and are unable to sustain the incredible momentum required... and it all collapses back on them.
Absolutely, I definitely want to be healthy and give myself the best odds for a good future for all of those reasons. I was within the “normal weight” BMI category but had twins in February- I was 180 the day they were born and right now I’m 157. I have never been this big in my life and I don’t want to stay this way.

Hey, this is the system that works in our family. I work 30-40 hours a week, am a full-time college student, do 90% of the childcare and all of the cleaning. His only responsibilities are school (also a full time student) and cooking for the family. I can cook, but it’d be bland Pinterest food vs. his very delicious cooking that he’s honed over the last ten years. Obviously if he is sick I normally would take over but we are both totally wiped out so we fed the kids leftovers and didn’t worry about feeding ourselves.

Also, it’d be a lost easier to make myself something healthy if I had a fully stocked kitchen, but at the moment we only have a very specifically planned out supply of meat and veggies. He designed a whole meal plan so if I take anything to make food for myself I’ll mess up his plans.
I have been concerned that it’s not a smart idea to do this all at once, but I have already been working really hard to control my diet for the last week and I don’t want to waste my efforts.
you must be a womanlet

thats ok if there is a set role but you can always ASK your husband, learn from him, so there is some redundancy and resilience to continuing healthy habits if your husband suddenly gets taken out due to sickness or really hard exams or work or whatever

you know him better than we do but im quite sure he would be open to the idea of cooking some of the more simple stuff together
Well, yeah, like I said- I can cook but it’s just really basic stuff. He always appreciates when I cook, but I’m pretty busy between work, the kids, school and the house upkeep. If I weren’t also sick I’d of course be taking over the meals- for example, two weeks ago I made dinner every night of the week (he was super busy finishing up some end of the term assignments). Tonight I am feeling super sick, and just having a hard time resisting going for some easy comfort food. But talking it out on here is already helping me to avoid giving in.
Oh and yes many of the tastier recipes I know were taught to me by him. I also have lots of recipes passed down in my family that I like to make.
ok well find what strategies work for you and good on you for doing what you can

and from what i can see, this period of added stress will pass, at some point both of you will graduate and you will have more time for other things

theres an end point just keep your mind on it
Thanks I appreciate the encouraging words- like I said, as annoying as this thread probably is to most anons here the discussion has definitely helped me to take my mind off of my urge to eat something unhealthy.

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