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I live in Indiana and I have a job it pays great and I go out do stuff (usually just go to the park on my bike) and my job puts me in contact with people in my area. I'm not ugly and I think the things holding me back would be my low weight but it's probably not a big deal.

But despite all that I can't find single women and talk to them and I can't flirt with them at work for obvious reasons (this jobs wayyy too good to risk it). Is the only viable choice to go to a bar to find someone?
can you set your Tinder preferences to "livestock" out there?
>Is the only viable choice to go to a bar to find someone?
No. You can talk to women anytime and anywhere when you're not working. And if you usually just going to a park on your bike in your free time, it's not like you're using your free time to put you in proximity of women to talk to.
That's what farmersonly is for.
Sure, I guess I should try and press em for contact info. Wouldn't they find that weird?
>Sure, I guess I should try and press em for contact info. Wouldn't they find that weird?
That does sound weird. Usually when I talk to women either nothing happens or they give me their number and tell me to call.
Break up and JUST in case tripwire your window
Pro tip get the fuck out of Indiana.

I grew up here, lived in several other places for years, and only moved back for the short term while I finish my courses to get a job that's waiting for me. This seriously is the worst cesspool for dating, period. Even the cities suck, but I'll break it down for you: Everywhere BUT the cities, the people are simple-minded, with little to no ambition outside of their social circle. They do not want to leave, they do not want to be better, they don't know what's actually going on in the world. They are the reason Applebee's is still in business, if that doesn't fucking tell you enough on it's own. Very few actually know how to cook, even. They think putting ranch powder and raw chicken and a can of mushroom soup and pre-shredded cheese in a crock pot is a fucking dinner and will share these recipes on facebook with drooling faces saying how they can't wait to make it when they get home. Most of them go to Florida for vacation, or Gatlinburg (Smoky Mountains are actually fuckin dope tho), and they will literally do the same fucking vacation every single year. If you don't drink, you're an outcast. The hobbies are 1) Motorcycles, 2) Hunting, 3) Cars, 4) Video Games 5) Sports. That's literally EVERY SINGLE DUDE HERE. And women are the SAME EXACT WAY. They won't look at you twice if you don't look like a redneck. Don't get me wrong, there is joy to be had in a simple life where you just work 9-5 every day and drink every night until you die. But fuck me if that doesn't sound god awful to literally anyone who's left the country even once. So my advice? If the money is great, save up for a few years and then get the fuck out. It's not worth the next 10 years of your life.
Join a club, join a team, join a church. take a random evening class, do volunteer work, meet your neighbors (They may have daughters or nieces)

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