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I don't know what this thread is or where it's going.
Do you have a passion, or idea, something you want to make into your whole life, or at least a large part of it?
If so, have you done work on this to make it start to become reality?
If so, have you told other people about this idea?
If so, what are their reactions?
For me, I have a passion project that I could see turning into a full time career. This is something I've worked through, done the R&D, have done the business side of things, all that jazz. I currently work out of a spare bedroom and I'm at a point where I can either turn this thing into something real or leave it on a shelf.
Everyone I've told about this wants to help me in some way. Either monetarily or in whatever way they can.
They all believe in me and what I want to do. They've all tried what I've made and really like it.
But for some reason I don't believe them because I don't feel worthy of anything and idk why
I'm scared to take the next step into making this a reality because who tf am I? Who do I think I am? I'm just some piece of shit, why should I even try doing this?

How do I fix this?
just do it lmao
You'll regret it the rest of your life if you don't go through it. Even if it ends in failure that's still better than regret.

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