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I find it way harder to talk to woman of my nationally than to talk to foreigner women. I can talk to French,Spanish and German girls with no problem but as soon as I start speaking to a Hungarian woman I turn into a very awkward person. Why does this happen? How can I fix it
You are intimidated by them. You do not think you have the ability to successfully interact with them. You can fix this by slowly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in the realm of Hungarian women.
But why can I talk to foreigner women but not Hungarian
They are within your comfort zone. You see them as less intimidating. The reason for that, I do not know.
well hungarian's a really hard language
I’m Hungarian, I have no problem speaking the language
true story, i first made this exact same joke to my German friend who complained of the exact same problem as you (turned out German women unconsciously reminded him of the girls he grew up with who made his youth shit, as opposed to the foreign girls he met later on who were nice to him and even touched his penis sometimes because they were intelligent adults who got into grad school and not immature little cunts). That's not important though. What is important is that he got the joke. and he was fucking german, what's your excuse?
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Nigga you basically have european asians, you fuckng mongoloid.
You spend too much time online, talking to foreigners, you feel unsafe around local women because you know you have a chance with them and thus can fuck it up.
I dated a girl with hungarian ancestry, my first crush, looked a bit like picrel, she fucking ruined me man.

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