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Tell what's the best way to distract myself from my life for 6 months. I need not to think. I can't do drugs/get drunk frequently so I need other ways. Maybe video games? But which ones?
Set yourself a meaningful goal that can be achieved in 6 months. It can be anything: weight loss/fitness, financial/saving, learning a skill, as long as it's truly appealing to you.
Fall in love
I already do that, i work out and i might even add something else to my routine, but i also need something that requires zero discipline to do. Some retarded shit to turn my mind off, because the point is i'm waiting for something to happen and thinking about it is only giving me anxiety and repetitive thought patterns. So basically i just need to be mindless: do what i have to do (work out, other responsibilities, etc.) then turn my mind off
Quit social media. Don't read comments on youtube videos. Go spoiler-free to the extreme.

Don't read reviews, don't look at memes, it's all a bunch of normalfags dickriding their latest fad before they drop it for the next onr, and they spoil the shit out of the game every chance they get. Moments that would surprise you or make you cackle get reduced to a minor "huh" moment at most. The endless need to identify with an "in"-group leads to retards taking something that's actually pretty cool, and either over-hyping it, or reducing it to a shitty meme that nobody will remember in a month or two, yet permanently lowering the enjoyment of everybody who tries to play it after seeing one of those cutscene clips or "funny" copy-pasted comments and reviews.

Games that I'd reccomend for a total newcomer:

Skyrim. Lots of replay value, I played it solely for years, actually. Multiple races which are each optimized towards different playstyles, multiple factions, a lot of really cool locations, powers, items, and interactions that are amazing and mindblowing when you come first across them yourself (but become utterly meaningless when someone spoils it for you).

The KoTOR games are some chill RPGs. Everything is so slow that your time will literally disappear (it might be annoying at first, but the slow pacing can end up being calming and stress-relieving once you accustom). You can pause the game at any moment, plan out your strategy, and watch as your opponents get decimated by a perfect symphony of calculated chaos. The main downside is that you have to download an external tool to make it run in widescreen, and you have to replace the ui icons with larger textures. Around an hour of fiddling, and both of them should work (ignoring the movies, those might need a whole day to fix, but you can just disable those).

A much different game I can reccomend is MGR: Revengeance. It's cool, and the only real issue I have with the game is very minor.
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try this!
Chinese water torture or a "dripping machine
i'm sure you gonna like it
just dissociate and sleep all the time you will lose 6 months in no time.

If you don't get motion-sick, GTTOD is a really nice movement shooter. Everything looks nice, and it will run on a potato if you scale the settings down enough. I get a headache after an hour of playing, though.

Other quick games to pass some time are:

Super Smash Flash 2 (free downloadable smash clone)
This is what did it for me: geoguessr, danganrompa series (i dont even like anime but the detective aspect of the whole thing is fun), disco elysium, building houses in the sims, making music in fl studio

series i liked: curb your enthusiasm, arrested development, the sopranos, the wire

reading books on some topic you find interesting is also great

i hope whatever is going on passes and after the 6 months the positive change you're hoping for happens. good luck
huh? is this a copypasta? anyway skyrim would be perfect, but i've literally done everything in that game when i was younger. i'll look into the other games
can't sleep with this heat
>disco elysium
this is the shit i'm looking for
>i hope whatever is going on passes and after the 6 months the positive change you're hoping for happens. good luck
thanks brother
>can't sleep with this heat
Then just lay there in silence listening to music. Not kidding.
Not a copypasta. I've observed that coming into contact with even minor spoilers lowers my enjoyment of a game.

I also took some time to join subreddits and discord groups to understand what "normal" gamers do, and found that these people act like fucking bots. They steal and regurgitate the same jokes over and over in the hopes of being accepted and validated. They jump from trending topic to trending topic to trending topic, all so they can be able to keep up with and talk about the next big thing (recently Stray, previously Elden Ring, and I predict soon is the Hogwarts game, for a few examples) for all of two seconds before they jump onto the next thing in hopes of either gaining some sort of popularity by discussing trending topics, or to feel part of the "true" gaming community, constantly engaging with and arguing about things they'll stop caring about within weeks.

There are obviously outliers, and I'm not sure if I'm conveying my point accurately, but I'm trying to say the "mainstream" (the people who make reddit posts, and only discuss trending topics, constantly acting like every new game is either the best game to have ever been made, or the shittiest thing they've ever come across) are full of shit, and are either attention whores using games as a way to get their daily attention quota, or people afraid of getting left behind and not being in the loop with every single shitty fucking game that comes out.

It's feels like high school, where there's always one thot who pretends to be into nerd shit, but is only really there for the uncontested attention of the nerds. That, but on a bigger scale, and it's not only thots, it's everybody and they're constantly trying to prove how much of an epic gamer they are, and all they do is act like fucking robots.

Kinda like redditors visiting 4chan, and accusing others of being redditors, it's soulless.

Idk, I feel like I'm wording it all retardedly. I'll try again some other time. Char lim

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