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How do I prevent myself from becoming a self-loathing man of inaction? I'm 18. Love books and writing. Not a NEET. But I resemble this wojak to an unsettling degree.
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you must accept failure. You must be fine in the face of catastrophe. You must accept that whatever you do will likely end in a clusterfuck but you must enjoy that chaos. Without that, you will always be paralyzed afraid to do anything.
>How do I prevent myself from becoming a self-loathing man of inaction?
In theory:
Choose a better personality and choose better behaviours. Inaction is a habit, and habits are choices.
In reality:
You, like many of the other people on this board, simply lack the willpower to choose who you are. So you're stuck as a self-wasting golem.
Honestly it's easier to just not see it as a catastrophe. If you simply don't get bothered by girls rejecting you since you have secure self-esteem, then you don't need this chaos management stuff and can just talk to girls.
The wojak most likely has undiagnosed ADHD. You're welcome
I wasn't talking about girls. I was talking more about how life can get fucked up real quick and that's usually what gets people to become like picrel.
>undiagnosed ADHD bro
this is one of the biggest 4chan broscience memes in the last few years
I get it, I have been and sometimes am in the same place as you. The following things help for me (and yes, I know how gay it all sounds):
>Smile at yourself in the mirror everytime you look in a mirror.
Tell yourself you look good and that you can do it. Doesn't need to be more specific than that.
>Get a whiteboard. Write down three things you want to do today.
Count the days that you kept to your own schedule. The 'tasks' can be as simple as 'go outside for a walk' or 'brush teeth' but can also include stuff like '1 hour of working on my thesis' or whatever. (Some people like to add a 'high score' as well. With that I mean highest streak of consecutive days you had succesful days.)
Once three tasks is too easy, upgrade to four. Four too hard? No problem, dial it back. Find your rythm this way.
>And work out.
Even if it's fucking Wii Fit (been there done that), every bit of exercise helps. Get them serotonin and dopamine flowing!

Also do psychedelics.
>I was talking more about how life can get fucked up real quick
Oh yeah, my bad.
Guess I've been on ATOGA too long sorry.
Just don't go to 4chan
get a job right after university. Do not take a gap year

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