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I moved back in with my parents a few years back. I've gotten used to saving a ton of money and its been very nice.
I'm a major homebody so if I'm not at work I'm home often. While its not too bad overall, I feel a bit claustrophobic.
I finally found an apartment cheap enough for me to justify moving into in an area that I don't fear for my life, but I'm worried about increased economic downturn in the US and I fear losing everything I've saved up over the years.
Is it worth it to move back out right now?
I'd buy a house, but they have gone up way too much in price now. The higher rates would likely have me paying much more monthly now too than I feel I could reasonably afford.
everybody, including massive finance corporations, are predicting a recession.
you should stay home until the economy crashes or rebounds because you could lose your job and you wont be able to afford rent/ mortgage.
living at home is the best financial decision you can make right now. wait until the time is right, and find a partner in the mean time so you can more easily afford a home
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The thing is though I've been here since shortly before COVID. I miss the feeling of privacy and independence, and I never want to really bring anyone over.
I too fear the economy crashing or going into a deep recession, but those can also take years to bounce back from and I already feel like I've overstayed my welcome.
I can tell my mom's husband would much prefer if I was not living here as well. Hes usually nice, but theres been times where hes let things slip. Either directly to me, or I've just overheard him talking (or arguing with my mom). So that also kind of makes me feel like a leech.
I know my mother would allow me back if things ever got really rough, but I'm also afraid to risk my savings and let things get rough for the sake of my ego.
But I've also had it very very easy for the last 2.5 - 3 years. Easier than nearly anyone I know as I've not paid any rent. Just a 100$ a month for a storage unit for all the stuff from my old place.
I make about 2k a month, and I found a place that would rent for about $750 thats closer to the countryside. So thats a bit of a miracle find. The apartments are a bit dated, but thats what you get for that price I Suppose and its better than paying that or more in a crime ridden area and apts in worse condition.
>but those can also take years to bounce back from and I already feel like I've overstayed my welcome.
you only have to worry about bouncing back if you had money invested. if the market crashes and you start investing when its low, it only goes up for you.
Essentially people like us WANT a recession because everything is overpriced at the moment. we will be able to take advantage of the lower prices caused by recession for buying cars, homes, etc.

Now i still think its best to stay at home for as long as possible, but sometimes these things aren't purely based on money. You want to be free and independent and that is understandable. The best advice I can give you is to plan out your financial future and see which path you would rather take.
Staying at home rent-free VS Renting
Determine if being independent at the cost of money makes you happier than being dependent and saving money. Then you will have your answer.
I wish I knew how to invest the money I have in ways that didn't feel scammy like Robinhood.
Just watching 60k depreciate in value in my savings day by day.

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