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I work for a call center from home. I make a decent amount over the average and I get to work from the comfort of my own home so I save some time and money.

But I can't stand it. Being nailed to a chair all day dealing with people back to back and it fills me with dread and anxiety. It makes me wish I could go work on something. I've picked up doing stuff in between calls or even in the middle of them like a lot of other people but my life still feels so devoid of creativity and I have no sense of comradery.

I don't know what to do, it feels like something is wrong with me because the job has so many perks and the only downside is in my head.
An immeasurable advantage of an office job is the opportunity to socialize, if even for a moment, between calls
I, my brother and my best friend all worked for call centres. I worked for Argos and GAME, my brother worked for T-Mobile and Santander, my best friend worked for Barclays.

We all ended up having essentially morning sickness, where we would retch and vomit in the morning before work. It turned out to be a stress thing. I'm a big baby, my brother is a strong but sensitive soul and my best mate is an unmovable rock.

They put it down to in a call centre there's a real lack of body language and it makes dealing with someone very difficult as you don't know if they're about to flip out at a moment's notice. My brother added that his job very rarely allowed him to actually help someone - most of the time he was mitigating the damage the company had already created and was prohibited from making any meaningful change to either the process or the customer.

I think people are dickheads and they will treat you like shit the moment there's a "filter" between you, so whether that be online via text on forums or over the phone where you'er literally one stage up from a robot in their eyes. People will do anything to make you feel like shit and the job is far worse for the behaviour you have to endure than for the actual work required.

Not saying any of this is the problem you have, just hopefully it helps you understand your own feelings.

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