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My girlfriend is great, and we've been dating for two years now. I know she'd be loyal and a great mother, but something stops me every time I think about proposing. Whether it's because my career is always in flux, I don't really feel like I share her religious beliefs (we're both Catholic, but I struggle a lot with thinking it's bullshit), I still feel attracted to other girls, it just never seems right yet. I always thought I'd be sure I wanted to marry someone, but now that it's come down to it, it's a really hard decision for me.
We've been talking about it a lot more lately but haven't really come to any conclusions or gotten any new insights. I know she's frustrated and wants me to propose, but I always thought being in love would feel different.
1. How old are you (and her)?
2. Do you love her?
Almost identical situation for me fren…you’re not alone
I’m 24, she’s 25. She’s the first girl I’ve dated for longer than a month.
What are you going to do then?
If you're that young and haven't had much experience in a relationship I would definitely wait longer to see if things persist. Have you two talked about marriage before?
We talk about it a lot lately. I feel pressured to get married right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t want to get married eventually.
How's your sex life been (unless you're waiting for marriage) and have you guys had any major fights or challenges?
Get a pen paper and write down your doubts/concern about the marriage idea, your relationship with her, and her flaws.

Take your time and about it. Then review it. If there's too many things that make you uncomfortable you need to put the who relationship on hold and try to work it out or it'll make up your decision if you want this girl or not.
We stopped having sex during the course of our relationship because she converted to Catholicism, and it was bad when we were having it. She said some hurtful shit right around the time we stopped, it’s probably our biggest sore spot.
Also, I joined the Air Force a year ago, and the plan was for her to move where I get stationed when I'm done training so she can be close to me and go to nursing school, but I recently found out I’m getting sent to Japan in the fall. It’s going to be another year or two of distance.
Outside of that, she’s definitely more religious than me, and I haven’t been going to church lately. I don’t really know if I want to drag myself to church every week, have my kids be super religious, etc.
We’ve been able to work through a lot as a couple, but lately I’ve felt really apathetic about the whole thing. I don’t just want to throw it away based on a fleeting feeling, though.
I’ve journaled about it, but I could probably benefit from writing it out in that format, yeah.
I'm converting to Catholicism and I've also been in a relationship where the sex stopped being good for my partner so I think I can give some unbiased advice.

If she's devoutly Catholic and doesn't necessarily enjoy sex, it's very likely that she will only want to have sex to try for a baby and not for fun if you get married. If you're okay with that, then I think there's nothing wrong with marrying her. Alternatively if you decide to start exploring her faith and you end up believing, seeing you working hard to become a more pious person might create new feeling of attraction in her for you and that may change.

If you do genuinely want to learn more about it, I would encourage you to watch some videos by Fulton Sheen or about Our lady of Fatima on YouTube, but if you really don't think you'll be able to take Catholicism seriously, I would strongly suggest not getting married. You would both be living in two different worlds and it won't lead to anything good for either of you
I’ve been trying to be more Catholic for the past year or so, it’s rough though. I was raised Catholic and have a lot of struggles with it, it feels like something I have to force myself into. I do enjoy Fulton Sheen quite a bit, I will say that.
Do you really think she might only want to have sex if trying for a baby? That sounds unrealistic, like 99% of girls wouldn’t even want to do that. That sounds like a nightmare.
Why did sex stop being good for you two?

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