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I feel like nothing interests me and I'm probably too lazy to pass, should I try get by without any degree? I get gibs from the gov for "autism" if that helps. Looking for any advice.
You dont need a degree. Its a fucking scam.
What i do know is that kiddies shouldn't be on fucking 4chan.
im 21

what are your job prospects now, and what are your 5 year goals?
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Some day uni (in america at least) is a scam, and to an extent it's grossly overpriced compared to just trade school and community college.

If all you do is sit on your ass on gov gibs and shit, then it makes sense that you find nothing interests you. I did manufacturing for that reason among other reasons until I said fuck it and found something that actually is alright and is slightly interesting. At the end of the day
>get off your ass and try shit.

Also a few pointers
>community college is a nice way to explore certain careers because the people teaching said classes have been doing it as their own career for years.
>uni is alright if you're willing to take on the debt if it applies, unless you're fortunate enough to pay for it with assistance.
>At the very least find steady work that you just don't hate.

Though remember you may lose gov assistance if you make over a certain amount annually. However, that is something for you to research on your own time as I am not a lawyer. That's just something I've heard with other government assistance programs.

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