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Since a few years, my memory became very fuzzy and bad, can barely remember anything i do especially after i sleep in which the brain seems to "reset" (like when you create a new save file)

I'm living on multiple notepads on my laptop/irl and trying my best to remember what i do through the day

Do i have a mental illness or brain damage? I have this since late puberty, before i never had this problem. I dont think its normal i always have a "nostalgia" feeling few days after watching something, used to happen after few years
Early alzhaimers ggs
Is there any way to get checked?
Yes see a doctor
I talked about this to multiple doctors. They always dismiss it by saying its stress, anxiety or depression and they give me SSRI

I would pay for the tests myself but they are insanely pricy unless a doc prescribe them
Can you elaborate more in your memory loss? Is it actually memory loss or just you forget what you have done for the day? Also what is your age range?
Are you depressed or stressed?
Its more like i always forget what i do, like when i go sleep and wake up i have the feeling that "its a new day" and quickly forget about the last one

I don't know whats wrong honestly, i didnt had this problem at 14, i'm 25
>my memory became very fuzzy and bad

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