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Why are parents such fair weather fucks with their children? Even when they’re absolutely retarded and paycheck to paycheck losers? What delusion was instilled in the previous generations to make them have offspring? Literally everyone I meet is either mentally Ill or have some sort of unresolved trauma.

Why do people even have children if they don’t want them or know how to raise them properly? I’m 100% convinced that life would have been better for everyone if I hadn’t existed.

There isn’t some Wonderful Life bullshit that governs the world. Some people are just better off not existing.
Hard times now, plus the internet (which most young people use) creates an aura of hatred and rage
I think you're severely depressed right now.
You can answer all these questions if you try and empathize with others more.
The depression is my very existence itself. I don’t want to exist. I want to retroactively not exist. Nothing positive that I’ve felt in 25 years has been worth the suffering or realization of how world works.
>Nothing positive that I’ve felt in 25 years has been worth the suffering or realization of how world works.

share with us what you've done/tried/looked for to come to this conclusion as basically an adult for the last 7 years
>i dont want to exist
Feel free to correct this anytime dickhead
Parents do not seek to accomplish anything by breeding.
Life is meaningless, and all the reasons for breeding are selfish
>inb4 It's the only thing that will keep you happy at an old age
not if your anon is a hopeless neet or some freak zoomer
>inb4 muh bloodline, muh civilization
literally irrelevant and meaningless. Bloodlines mean nothing, nor does civilization. Sure, subject yet another "anon" to suffering, but for what?

It's ok anon, i have been dwelling on this topic, and it seems to me that our existence is quite absurd.
My advice to you is not to go on /x/. If you get into the whole archon reincarnation trap mess you will feel even worse
>Tried to love someone, it didn’t work out.
>Went abroad, realized that everywhere is the same shitty place with different paint
>Had friends, they all abandoned me in difficult times. Even my best friend from childhood.
>I have high self awareness but no applicable intelligence
>I despise money and those that treat others inhumanly to obtain it
>Everything I eat or drink is built off the suffering of others and the planet itself
>Anything I create has already been created
>Learned that spirituality/religion is just a mega cope that’s been perpetrated throughout the centuries
>Physically ugly people exist
>Mentally Ill people exist
>Survival instinct won’t let me kill myself without it being cathartic for all those involved
>No purpose, no meaning
>Figure out I’m a moral degenerate

There’s a lot more but those are some highlights.

My existence serves no purpose other than to perpetuate mine and others suffering. I wish I was never born and to those who enjoy their lives I say: You are insane.
You have zero self awareness
I would still exist in the minds of others you fucking retard. Even if I killed myself I would always be the same sad pathetic person but just physically dead. I want to be nothing.
You have zero self awareness
>Why are parents such fair weather fucks with their children?
Two reasons.

The non-self-interested one is you love them and spent 18 years raising them, and probably know them better than anyone else who isn't a lifelong wife ever will. Even if they're shitty people, It's hard to know anyone like that and not love them, let alone hate them.

The self-interested one is you made them. If they are doing poorly it's seen as reflecting poorly on you. Parents are therefore more likely to huff copium and try to say
>see... see they're not doing so bad!!!
as a preservation of ego and status.

>Some people are just better off not existing.
Yeah, but you should pretend prescriptively it's not true, because you don't wanna pull that thread. Online nerds that aren't coal mining enjoyers will not do well if a society's killing off undesirables, they're basically first or second to go
Yes I do. I’m self-aware that I’m someone that shouldn’t have existed. I finally came to that realization 2 years ago. Before then I was blissfully unaware that I didn’t want to exist. And now that I’m fully aware I realize why I hate everything and everyone that knowingly perpetuates life for their own selfish desires.

It’s also why I self-sabotaged. It’s because I never wanted to be here in the first place.
What kind of logic is that? Why would you care about existing in their minds? And would that really be you anyways?
Never said I cared. Just that my existence would still be affirmed. And it would cause even more suffering to people than usual after suicide. (Apparently according to various sources)
Because for every single living bean on the planet, the primary goal of an organism is to reproduce. It's an instinct, even if it isn't the smart choice to make.
Some people can resist the instinct, others cant.
I am convinced life is a simulation. And I cannot be proven wrong.

Think about when you cut or injure yourself. Microscopic cells in your body that you have no control over automatically work to heal your body and keep you alive. Humans and all life exist in the same way. Existing and persevering through necessity rather than free will

99% of kids born are accidents from horny parents who were in automaton mode, and the simulation had them set to horny. It's quite simple really. Once you realize this everything makes more sense
So you don't want to cause suffering? Good to hear.
Now let's look at this case again:
Your parents, who were under no obligation or reason beyond >>26448037 brought you in here, suffered through sleepless nights of caring for you, and now that you are fully conscious of your surroundings, you wish not to be here as it causes you suffering, yet, the only known way out will cause suffering to the ones who brought you here in the first place.
How absurd, isn't it so?
The only winning move is not to play?
retarded instictual npcs with no introspection or thought.
Cope or kill yourself op
I'm a teacher.

I don't know either. Parents can't really be bothered to raise their children. Mine were the same. I wish I didn't exist, but I don't have the stones to paint the wall with my brains. Actually, not true, I just don't have good opportunity to try.

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