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File: Thai1.jpg (64 KB, 1000x669)
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Do Thai/ Southeast asian women make good wives?
My wife is Indonesian and she is great. Very traditional, good cook, works, takes care of the kids, blows me and fucks me constantly. She’s also got huge tits and a great ass.
Mail order brides are souless, and will hate you. Not a very good marriage. Your kids will likely hold disdain for you too. I've seen it irl.
>o Thai/ Southeast asian women make good wives?
Yes for their own men
Western men they’ll westernize

It’s like why be muslim when marrying a non Muslim
She’ll want the stacey treatment
Would you say the same if the girl was an international student and you met organically in your own country? That's the situation for me, and it's clear that her feelings for me are genuine and not at all a ploy for citizenship.
That sounds like it could work. If you genuinely like her for herself, and not some fetishism for her race/culture, got for it. Understand that her culture is different, and she will have some different values/view points. Good luck, anon.
Sounds like mail order bride with extra steps. Why go half way around the world for a 4channer
If she seems honest sure. But my dads work has a lot of Filipina ex wives
Nothing is guaranteed
File: e9a.jpg (43 KB, 617x540)
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>Why go half way around the world for a 4channer
Have you ever taken a look at the type of guys asian girls like to date?
Yes it’s to get the upper hand. They ride their asses.
Western men are seen as parachutes
No hymen
No domestic skills
No youth
No problem

As long as you look good you can marry here
Just look at Mia khalifa literally a pornstar and she got married to a good looking stable man
We got the lowest standards and they know it

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