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Is it worth starting a YouTube channel at this point? The website seems to be getting worse every day, and I’m staring down the barrel of a 7 year college commitment starting next fall.

How lucrative do you think something like that could be if I started today?
By the time Joe Public hears about a money-making scheme its already too late. Same with stocks, too. If you hear about some unknown shit that seems like a real longshot -- too risky to invest in, those are the ones that can blow up . Make you a lot of money. but if its some relatively "safe" stock that other people are talking about, dont bother.
What type of content are you looking to make? Or are you just in for the money
Because it's a godawful way to make money

If you're doing it for the lucrativeness - you're gonna probably fail.

But yeah there's tons of money on the platform EVEN STILL - the problem is all the easy gains are gone. You'll have to grind for 2Y at it minimum to see any sort of return.

I just noticed the 7Y part - OP 100% start a channel. By the time you finish college you might be able to even pay for the whole thing and go straight into YT directly.

If you got 7Y - go for it.
Basic gameplay probably, something like half-life or Minecraft that’s easy to produce in a regular manner

Either that or some sort of commentary mixed with shock content
Making a living is still very much possible, but like any career, it's a very slow growth. It also takes a lot of the fun out of it. Just throw on OBS or a camera and record a bunch of shit. Worst case scenario, it's a hobby to produce content you enjoy, best case, it could pay someday too.

It took me 5 years to make money, but my content was utter shit for a while and I just did it for fun. On the flip side, it's now my primary source of income but feels more like a demanding job because of it.
>commentary mixed with shock content
>on YouTube
That’s why it’s simply considered an alternative

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