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i have 0 skills in drawing, how much time would it take to get good enough for people to comission my art? how much does a mediocre hentai artist make?
Take a guess.
i dont know, 800?
You can make passable art without knowing a lot about anatomy thanks to 3d model programs

Plus if you go for an obscure fetish they're just happy for any content and won't care if the art is garbage
I am a profesional freelance painter, and in all honesty I was about to give you the answer, but you’re a degenerate freak.
This is definitely true, I've seen one artist in this niche (fluffy abuse, it's a dying art form now that mlp is no longer culturally relevant) make probably over a hundred dollars in commissions in the past year. He's not even very good imo.
800 hours sounds about right.
I have 0 skills in sports. How long would it take for me to get an NFL contract?
I absolutely love fluffy gore anon, but not enough to pay for it. Although its mostly because of its lack of relevance.
Just trace. Clients either can't tell or don't care. I've seen people sell photos with posterizer filter as paintings on fiverr.
Start drawing gay furry porn, that's where the real money is
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About one year of about 2-4 hours a week of grinding on average to make anything minimum quality saleable, and much more if you want to have any consistency in your work quality and build speed. Year 2 to 3 is where most people actually get good.

Year 4 of grinding is where it's usually obvious that somebody's becoming an art-god if they're still putting the hours in, and will be able to command top rates - but this is where the economics of art start kicking in, because the herd in porn gets really thin around this point.

Drawing porn's a rough industry, and it mostly doesn't pay very that well. Porn artists make
>price charged ÷ time to draw a piece
and realistically it's very hard to have a full 120 hour monthly load, you'd be extraordinarily successful for a commission artist doing a quarter of that. This would mean if you wanna make, say, 25/hour, you need to charge >100/hr. It's very hard to break 50k doing this, let alone 100k, unless you're very anomalously successful.

It's also a garbage job. You don't get health insurance, you feel uncomfortable talking about it with family and friends, you have to maintain an online presence, shill your work, and pretend that you actually like talking to your sexual deviant "fans", the subject matter is extremely repetitive, you have weeks where you're doing work nonstop, and there are also weeks (or months) where you're sitting around strapped for cash and wondering why no one's buying. This all sucks. It gets you thinking
>why put up with all this shit, I'm actually good at art
And around this point most artists make the jump out of porn into film, animation, and games, because if you're good enough to draw top-tier porn, you're good enough to not want to.

>make probably over a hundred dollars in commissions in the past year
And probably jeopardized significantly more, for becoming "the guy drawing weird gore shit". Degenerates are buyers, but are poorer and scare away the oilers.

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