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Guy's, there's this girl that I've known for a while, and we became best friend with all the shit we've done and been through. The catch is, recently I caught feelings for her. I'm not sure why either, because I really just wanted a friend out of her. But a couple months ago, I started to feel differently about her, and my first thought was "oh shit". Time has passed since then, and things have happened. I now know that despite the deep feelings she has for me, they are solely platonic. She has no interest in me sexually, or romantically. I think I'll hit the gym.

>mfw I'm thrown in friendzone level 99
Did she directly say it to you or did you find out she didn't have feelings for you in another way?
You should always assume she’s not that into you, just a rule of thumb. No matter who you are, a woman will have no problem leaving you and treating you like nothing. Never forget this.
>I really just wanted a friend out of her
Sucks that you had to learn it the hard way.

Friendship between sexes is RARELY possible. Sooner or later someone will become horny/emotional and will target the closest and easiest target.
You like a girl, pursue. You don't? In the bin she goes.
Pretty direct, yes. There's a good chance, I subconsciously new this too.
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Had a similar situation, except the girl seriously led me along and used me as an outlet for fueling her own ego. Didn't mean we weren't good friends, just good friends with benefits, but deep down I knew I always wanted her romantically. Just sucks because I've pretty much been obsessed with her for nearly a decade and don't think I'll actually be able to move on without therapy. I have an inkling she feels a similar way about me, but she knows she's such a whore that she'd just hurt me in the end.
Sounds like where my situation is headed. Except there were never any "benefits" between us. She sees me as her "spirit guide", which is probably a big red flag.
File: i-know-that-feel.jpg (18 KB, 500x461)
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My only advice to you is to just cut off contact entirely. It's rough, but you have to do it. You'll keep thinking about her but the only thing you can do is occupy yourself with other things. Don't check her social media. Don't wonder if she thinks of you. If she tries to contact you and is concerned, you just gotta tell her that if she really gives a shit about you, you've gotta stop talking to her to move on.

It's what I've been doing and it's had mixed results. I know for fact when she breaks up with whoever she's with she's going to come crying to me. And I dunno how I'm gonna deal with that.
Yeah I would just cut down on talking to her then if she is friends with your friends. If she isn't the cut contact all together.
I think I'll start distancing myself from her; making myself less available. Personally I do find it a shame that things turned this way, as I never wanted things to overcomplicate. Part of me feels bad about this decision, but I know if I stick around, I'm gonna feel like she's leading me on.
Which is exactly why you just gotta go for your own sake or else you're just gonna make yourself miserable and her feel awkward.

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