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Should i sell my puppy? I got a dog and I realized i wont be able to dedicate to him as much time as i wanted. Im gonna start working full time soon and i know that nobody in my family will take care of him as much as i do. I refuse to have him locked inside all day unless i figure out a way for him to stay in my backyard which is pretty big and enough space. The issue is there is some pretty big gaps under my fence and im afraid he will escape. Should i just get rid of him?
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No. There are plenty of people who can handle a dog and a job perfectly fine.
Stop being a pathetic pussy.
You made the decision to get the dog and you will have to live the responsibilities that it will bring.
Animals aren't plastic toys that you can just discard the instant they cause you light inconvenience.
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I say do so. Sell him to a family for some cash, a family with some kids and another dog. That's what I did with my English Bulldog. Got 900 USD out of the deal and I see regular videos of him, ever since I moved to a condo. He's a lot happier with this family of seven and two dogs with a big backyard.

Everybody telling you to keep the dog are the same morons who would tell you to keep a Downs Syndrome kid because of some fucked up sense of honor/morality/whatever. Newsflash: It's not. If you really love the dog you would provide it the best living situation you could find, and some living situations are NOT ideal for the development of a dog.

If you insist on keeping the dog, you should expect to incur expenses such as repair to the fence, and perhaps consideration of day care for the dog 2-3x a week.
Happened with my dog when I got divorced. Sometimes you just aren’t in a position to keep a pet, and it’s better to just let them be happy.
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