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So I'm a what you'd call "ace" that also happens to be non aggressive and out of shape (skinny).
But I do want to get married in the future. The thing is that I'm learning how important is sexual attraction is for couples and especially women. If the guy doesn't feel burning with passion to have sex with her, she feels bad about it. Also I learned that you don't make her feel safe there will be problems.
I don't want to change my personality or who I am but I want to know if this is really bad for a relationship.
Other ace guys, what was your experience?
Ace doesn’t exist. It’s called being broken. It is literally one of the strongest human drives that you have somehow managed to destroy in yourself. It isn’t “who you are”, it’s damage. It’s like breaking your leg, and not wanting to get it fixed, because you don’t want to change who you are
I know. that's why I put it in quotation marks. I doubt true asexuality exist.
There are ace girls out there. You could find one and build a relationship strictly on companionship.
yeah wouldn't it be cool if girls weren't such horndogs
How many women do you actually know?
How old are you?
Sexual attraction is important to some degree at the start of a relationship, more so with younger people, but as you get older, it gets less important. Not saying that its not necessary in a relationship, but other things like emotional and compatibility and companionship take a higher priority. If you don't want to change, find an another ace, or if you feel like you are willing and able to change your sexuality, find a christian/religious girl who is willing to wait until marriage and be patient with you while you do so. Also be up front about it from the start of the relationship to avoid any unnecessary damage.
> How many women do you actually know?
superficially? I do know a lot.

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