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I only feel alive and validated when I have a romantic partner. I simply can’t function if I don’t. The problem is that my dependency also drives any romantic partner away.

Any ideas what’s wrong with me? I’ve tried unpacking this in Therapy but it didn’t help. It’s like I’m just wired this way. It’s likely that I have a personality disorder.

Pic not especially related
>only feel alive and validated when I have a romantic partner
I was like this once, it’ll go away after time and effort.

If you don’t want to feel like shit anymore, then improve yourself
>Focus on your health
>Focus on your wealth
>Focus on your Appearance

How you expect people to value you, if you don’t value yourself. Be a man and go through this he’ll head on, let it burn and make you a new man.
The first step starts at the gym

I’m in the gym six times a week. Have a moderate trust fund. Could work on my appearances though. Thanks for the advice.
>It’s likely that I have a personality disorder.
This. Keep up the therapy and find out if they think you have a PD so you can put a name on your problem. Once you know why you're how you are, you can work to sort it out.
Maybe you are codependent or borderline
I don't think there is anything wrong with you. Human beings are wired to do this through evolution. All this shit that we are supposed to be happy being alone is just new age nonsense that sprouted up in the last decade or two in response to our seriously fucked culture thanks to feminism and progressive retardation.

The only advice I have for you is your desire to have a partner may come off as what some may call needy or whatever, with women this signals to them that they are better than you and could find someone better. It is a fine line you have to walk.
Are you a girl or a guy?


Yeah I’ve thought about that. Women seem to value men relatively. Ie a needy millionare handsome guy who she can walk over is arguably less desirable than a poor guy who values himself

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