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I'm not an incel or a troll, but consider the following.

I've had sex with three girls in my life. I don't really think much about any of those girls, if I had the chance to date them I probably wouldn't at all. They don't really have any meaning to me.

The one girl I still obsess over and think about all the time is the first girlfriend I ever had. We never had sex, she was pretty determined to wait until marriage. We talked about sex a lot and what we would do when we were married, and she admitted she masturbated to the idea of having sex with me, but she was determined to wait until marriage. She was very shy, she wouldn't even kiss me if someone else was around. The relationship ended up falling apart because I fucked up badly and pushed her away and ended up breaking up with her, it was without a doubt the worst mistake of my life. But I still love her so much despite the fact we never had sex. I don't think at all about the girls I dated that I did have sex with.

If I'm ever in a serious relationship again, I'm going to put my foot down and say no sex until we get married or at the very least engaged.

Is there a serious argument to be made for the value of abstinence and how it can help you make sure you truly TRULY love the person and are not just in it for sex?
For the record, when I dated my first gf, we were both virgins, I think that had something to do with it and love between two virgins is stronger.

Yes I know I'm a degenerate cause I've had sex but if I could push a button and make myself a virgin again and change history so I never had sex, I instantly would. The only good thing that came out of me having sex is I realised that sex isn't all that amazing on its own with someone you don't truly love.
>Is there a serious argument to be made for the value of abstinence and how it can help you make sure you truly TRULY love the person and are not just in it for sex?
Yes, obviously.
If you're waiting until marriage, then the only thing keeping you together before then (and the only thing which you have to go off of when deciding whether to marry) is how well you love each other as people, whether you can truly see a future together. If you dislike their personality, or feel as though you can't relate to them, there's nothing else to mask that incompatibility. This presumes, of course, that you don't live together or have financial entanglements, both of which are reasonable assumptions for anyone who is minimizing the temptation to fuck.

There is the aspect of monogamy, also: by waiting until marriage, instead of hoping that your first sexual partner will be your last, you are explicitly behaving so that you only have a first partner AFTER you've vowed to be each other's last. It's a much more consistent way to be monogamous. Divorces or early deaths do still happen, unfortunately. But divorce is demonstrably minimized by those who wait (even controlling for religion), especially when you take your time to evaluate your partner, and accidents by their nature aren't controllable.

> I'm going to put my foot down and say no sex until we get married
While it's better late than never to come to the realization, it's not going to be easy. Women are less willing to hold men to this standard, but practically speaking, it's not easy to find people who want to wait, and finding someone who will wait for a partner who hasn't done so themselves is even harder. Your best chance is being firm about your values, and raising any kids you might have to not repeat your mistakes--which includes raising them in an environment where they can learn good morals. Just telling them it's important a few times while sending them to public schools in a city will not work.
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The more sexual partners that a female has had before a given marriage, the more likely said marriage will fail.

This alone should convince you.
>gf tells you she wants to wait before sex
>guy believes it
Why does this happen? If she met a guy she thought was hot enough, she'd absolutely throw that rule out the window.
Source: incel meme graphs
Guess I'm ugly desu

She was from an Asian country though so maybe they have different cultural standards
Lol i cant stop laughing at you. How can you be like this? Your comically hypocritical and irrational. Lets be honest here, you are a VERY weak excuse for a "man", you arent putting any feet down anywhere. You have all these strange complexes about sex, and apparently your still not over your ex. Normal people dont have you problems. Good lord low iq subhumans really are a strange lifeform.
Sorry for the question but what did you do to push her away? I'm asking because I'm in a similar situation
I became a depressed autistic loser and started failing all my exams and began withdrawing and not talking to anyone. She started asking me why I was ignoring her and not responding to her, we got into a huge fight, I kinda ghosted her, then went our separate ways with no contact.

Yes I know its the worst thing I've ever done, I hate myself for it, I deserve everything bad that happens to me and I regret it every day; but in my defence I did her a massive favour because she would have been miserable with someone like me and wherever she is now I hope she has a happier life and is married and has a lovely family. I would honestly feel happier knowing she's happy and not with me than still with me and making me happy at her own expense.
Just out of curiosity, is your penis mutilated(otherwise known as circumcised)?
is there no way you can reach out to her?

Nah even if I could I don't deserve it after what I did

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