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I work at a manufacturing company in a small town, and my family also owns a restaurant here.

There is a cute cashier who works at the starbucks in our town.

I decided to give her a gift certificate to our restaurant. I walked in and after I ordered I told her "here, this is a tip for you."

I filled it out myself in the amount of "one small pizza" and in the date field on the certificate I wrote "Only if you're single."

I wasn't looking to ask her out. Only do something bold and forward enough to see if she's interested enough in me to come check out our restaurant, where I can talk to her in a more informal setting where she isn't on the clock as a server. I also feel it was very low pressure.

Was this smart or ineffective? Should I have struck up a conversation first? What if the certificate went to the house and not her directly?

>Feel free to discuss the art of asking out cashiers.
Don't ask people out when they're working.
Dude chicks that work cashier get asked out and hit on all day long and they have nothing but disdain for you when you do it.

meanwhile she's giving up the ass for some pothead dude that's a failure at life and treating her like shit at home

that's just how min wage girls that work retail are.

if you wanna fuck a girl like that you gotta be in her social circle outside of work
its been my experience that nothing works out like it ought to. food for thought.
Probably wasn't the best idea, you want to be a lot more upfront. Adults don't leave notes for each other for dates, also giving a gift to a girl you don't even know comes off as needy and isn't very attractive. The best way would just be to gauge if she is attracted to you at the cashier, if you think she is giving you signals she might be into you, then try to ask her out. Just say something like "Hey I just thought you looked cute and was wondering if you would like to join me for drinks sometime this week?"
>Only if you're single
someone please tell me this is pasta i haven't seen yet
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You shouldn't be looking for some creative or special way to ask a girl out on a date, you're not in high school asking a girl out to high school prom, You're an adult. You just ask her out, don't make it out to be some big thing, that just weirds the girl out and comes off as needy. It should be something simple like >>25095778 said.

I highly recommend you read the book Models by Mark Manson, it's book every man should read. It will completely change the way you look at your relationship with dating and women, help you with dating, and realize where you went wrong in the past. It will even help guys in relationships.
it doesnt actually help in anything, it's bunch of general self improvement stuff that every single self imrpovement book writes over and over
none of it even touches on how to actually meet or ask out girls, it only tells you how NOT to ask them out by crazy unrealistic strawmans
I don't get why people keep shilling it, it won't change anyone's life whatsover because there isn't anything of use written there

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