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>30 years old
How do I make friends and get a gf at this age bros?
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>30 years old
Gf use tinder, you're honestly too old to get one naturally anymore.
lol, goodluck. There are multiple studies that have been done showing as people get older they want to make less friends and keep their old friends around. This usually starts to take place in your early 20s. Honestly fucked , setting yourself up socially early on in your life is so important anon. Im sorry
The best way at 30 to make new friends would either be through work or hobbies/interests. If you don't have a job you can make new friends through, then starting a hobbie is a good idea. Pick something you think you would like, it could be BJJ, Tennis, Rock Climbing, or Dungeons and Dragons. Then find a clubs near you for that hobbie that you can join, and make friends through the club. The other way would just be going to your local bar and socializing with people, just start up conversations with people around you, if you vibe with someone keep talking to them and ask to exchange details and hang out another time afterwards. If you're nervous about talking to people have a couple of beers before you go to the bar so you're already loose and relaxed beforehand.
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very difficult at 30
do you honestly want friends for the sake of having friends or just because you feel like a deviant for not having them and that women will judge you for it?
no magic bullet for this but being /fit/, having a job, having your own reliable transportation, and not living with your parents is a good start
>This usually starts to take place in your early 20s. Honestly fucked , setting yourself up socially early on in your life is so important anon. Im sorry
This is BS doomer mentality, anything is possible. Just because some study says something, that doesn't mean you can't find friends later in life. Talk to any old person and you will find some who met good friends in their 30s or even later. My dad randomly decided to retire and move to Mexico to live on a beach for a while and met some of the best friends he's had in his life and he's in his 60s. If you believe there are some set of rules in life that you can't break like "you can't make friends past 30" or whatever, you have a shitty outlook. If you want to change your life and make things happen you can, it's never too late, it's just all about perspective. There are lots of people like OP who would love to meet new friends in their 30s. You just have to find those people and not be afraid to take risks.
Remember the golden rule of making friends:
>Quality > Quantity
This apply to all ages, all genders, all cultures, and all races.
One friends that actually supports you, listen for you, helping each other out in this hard times, is better than thousands of "friends" who do nothing when you're fall into the void
>make friends
>talk to a lot of people
>hang out with the ones you like and who like you

>get gf
>talk to a lot of girls
>make them laugh and feel attracted to you
>get their contact info and/or ask them out
>show them a good time
>get rejected or move forward
>rinse and repeat until she asks "What are we?"
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Find a hobby that can be done either with others or can somehow be social, that you somewhat enjoy.
Then do it and talk to strangers you meet from it.

E.g. You like shooting guns, google "shooting lesseons in my-town", go to local shooting lessons, hunting trips, gun shows, talk to strangers there about it, make friends.

E.g. Go to church, listen to pastor, afterwards talk to the people there about the service, about anything. Friends.
the usual wiggling a person around your finger with sweet talk? What's wrong with ugly people on here nowadays? Have you never tried and succeeded at least a bit at charming a person? How do you go from she laughed at my joke that should be a win to she friendzoned me and cucked me spiritually? Dumb.
The same way anyone else would. If you need more steps than that, then honestly explaining it to you won't help, anyway.
Your 30, life only gets easier from here.
Just give a shit about your health, your look and have some fucking confidence.

I’m the same age as you, and I did everything on my fucking own. You can do it too
Do you have any decent hobbies/interests whatsoever, cause I doubt you do.
How do you get a goth gf?
1. be a goth
If you can't do that try black metal or metal gf. It's as based. To get a black metal gf what you do is:
>wear black
>preferably long hair (optional)
>a hulking body
>don't be short
you're welcome
Any way to cope knowing you'll be a sexless loser the rest of your life?
t. 30 year old virgin
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I literally came here to ask this question. I am also a 30 year old boomer

Do you live in MD anon? Maybe we can be frens together.

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