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I'm new to Hinge and dating apps in general, any tips on how to get more likes/matches? I got a few likes from some tubby girls over the weekend and then nothing for the past three days.
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get off dating apps. they are designed to make you come back. You know what happens when I go on bumble? I have 5 likes that are constantly there. You think that's not by design? I get a new like, I open the app, and within 5 swipes I swipe left on some fat bitch and there it goes. Then after I don't open the app for a few days I get a new like. You think that isn't by design? They'll fucking drip feed you likes to keep you coming back. Do yourself a favor and get out. They are milking lonely young men and it is going to destroy our generation.
What's your profile like? Here's a good guide to making an attractive social media profile. https://killyourinnerloser.com/tinder-guide/#chapter-3-photos
Thanks for the guide, I'll read through that. I have two full body shots on my profile so that women can see that I'm not fat. I'm well groomed in all of my pics except for one where I look a bit ragged after a long night out, but I thought it would be a good pic to joke about. I have one prompt that's a question in order to encourage comments, and I also talk about wanting to travel, hobbies, etc.

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