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I just wanna be good enough, fuck, just one godamn time

I thought it was different with her, I thought for one fucking instance in my life I was good enough for somebody and I could finally, finally catch that happiness i was chasing

>"I'm sorry anon"
>"if things were different"
>"you are literally the *greatest* guy"

well than why the fuck wasn't i good enough? we had the chemistry, we were friends, the sex was amazing, we were supportive of eachother... it has to be me, right?

I was doing so much during the relationship to better myself, healthiest I've ever been and so active and outgoing and was making progress financially; now I dont wanna fucking get out of bed

Its just me

I'm not good enough

I'll never be good enough

fuck, what else is there to say? how do I cope?

>in before drugs/rope
Hey man, it seems rough for you right now. I know you feel like you're not good enough but look at the evidence man. You were WITH someone. You both had chemistry, supported each other, and were intimate with each other. If you weren't good enough you wouldn't have been with her in the first place. Just because things don't work out that doesn't mean that you're lesser of a person. Take some time for yourself, learn a new skill, get a hobby, go to the gym. By doing that you prove to yourself that you ARE a worth it, because if you can work on yourself then that means you ARE good enough for yourself. That perfect girl is out there man, it just takes time. Please don't be so hard on yourself in this dark time. One day you'll look back on this post and laugh cause you made it :)
The work on/better yourself sentiment is nice and I know you're just trying to help, but I was 100% doing just that when I was with her and her in ny corner was a motivater, now the thought of bettering myself makes me sick, it'll amount to nothing, im never gonna be good enough because its never gonna work out
Your motivation has to be intrinsic. If you try to stand on a woman as a rock you will inevitably fall. It’s not their role to be the rock of the relationship. That is yours
And how do you know that hm? Can you see into the future? Your future is in your hands man. If you wallow in pity you'll stay in pity.

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