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I hate how smartphones rob every bit of privacy from you. For the past two I've had I've created a new email address and given John Doe as my name for the google play store, but I'm beginning to think this does nothing - my SIM card is still in there, registered to my name through my telecom company after all. I'm not gaining any privacy at all, am I? Should I just bite the bullet and be taken in by big tech?

It seems like if I wanted real privacy, I'd have to learn how to install apps without the play store, accept not getting updates, etc, and all while my data is probably *still* getting stolen and shared by google and all the other global megacorps that rule my life.
There is no point in worrying about things you can't control.
How deep down the rabbit hole are you trying to go? You arguably can't be certain of any privacy on a smartphone that you don't have root on. Even then, stuff like browser fingerprinting, browsing habits, non-compartmentalized accounts, etc can all be used by advertisers to form a profile.
>How deep down the rabbit hole are you trying to go?
That's exactly the thing. Ideally I want everyone to fuck off and leave me alone, but I know that's a huge undertaking. Not having a real google play store account and using signal for messaging is all I really do, and I'm wondering if not having a play store account is as worthless and pointless of a token gesture to privacy as I think. Undoubtably, all the browsers I use on my phone are tracking me. I have a goddamn gmail account, I know that shit isn't private.

I guess making a fake playstore account is like, a token protest that makes me happy. But what good is it really?
I guess you could try rooting your phone and using FDroid, it's supposed to be an open source alternative to the play store although I don't know a lot about it. As far as email, maybe something like Protonmail would be better. I would expect exactly 0 privacy from Gmail. Using an ad/script blocker might help, but idk how that works for smartphones, you can probably get a system wide adblocker if you root your phone.
Buy a used Google pixel and install one of those open source software.

As for your phone number, there might not be anything you can do now because your phone number is linked to your name, but you could always get a new phone number with a burner. Sign up for that burner using a fake name that you can remember.
holy shit you are a lost generation
you think you understand this stuff, but you don't really
two things to remember about internet and telecom security

IMEI and MAC. IMEI is your international mobile equipment identifier. serial number basically but it's logged along with your SIM. so if you use a sim, your provider also has your device's IMEI. these can easily be given to law enforcement. MAC address is Media Access Controller. your network and radio devices (ethernet and wifi cards) provide this number to the internet as a means of receiving data. you can spoof it usually.
point is there are probably identifying numbers i missed, as well as more coming in the future. you need to understand the ways you are identified and logged if you worry about anonymity. it's definitely possible to remain anonymous but you need to understand the limits and uses of each identifying component on any device used to send and receive data

for me, it would all start with a throwaway google and Facebook account made on a public computer you didn't sign in to use. maybe a library computer you didnt show id to access. something like that.
and buy the phone in cash wearing a covid mask. cops literally trace devices to point of sale and check merchant video if they can
I think I made it pretty clear I don't, and I'm aware that what little I do for privacy is probably useless.

I knew about IMEI but didn't make the obvious connection that it's personally identifying. Didn't know about MAC, thanks. Good to know if I ever really want to be left the fuck alone.
what the actual fuck are you even worried about here and whats your goal? big corp stealing your data and browsing habits to sell you stuff? just dont buy it? big brother spying on you and ruling your life? youre getting into conspiracy shit right there and you still chose to just not use mobile devices you know. you havent heard of vpns or privacy browsers? jfc

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