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Turned up 15 mins late to work, was given a last warning until fired, because I always find myself sleeping at 4am, when I need to wake up at 8am.
My boss did this lame shit where I agreed to email him my arrival time every morning and stay an extra hour if I'm 5 minutes late. It's degrading but it works and is nicer than being fired.
Now I can't get away with sneaking in late and hoping nobody notices. I'd have to directly lie to my boss about my arrival time which he can easily check with the camera system. It made it a lot easier to get out the door on time. It's only an extra hour of work at the end of the day so it's not worth the risk of lying about.

Also keep your bedroom pitch black, cover up LEDs and set sleeping hours on your phone so it isn't beeping at you the whole night. For me it helps to imagine my body and brain as a "glove" my mind slowly withdraws from as I nod off to sleep.
Managing to show up on time is one of the rock bottom basics of any job. There are NO possible excuses for not doing it.
you sound just like my manager lol
thats probs where i am going wrong lol. i can never get to sleep, get super bored, and then fire up CS GO. Thanks for advice :-)
OP I totally feel your pain. I'm in the same boat. 5 years at my current job and I used to always be late (ALWAYS).
Then I met this 7/10 milf with huge delicious milkers and a heart of gold right behind those tits.
She loved me enough to make me back on track sleep-wise, got me back in the gym, bunch of other stuff, all good.
So now I'm not as late and not as often either (still counts as progress for me).
My advice:
- exhaust the fuck out of yourself before bed,
- ALWAYS get in bed at the same hour, even if you don't fall asleep soon after,
- get you a big tiddy gf and enjoy her companionship, and also the big tits (sex is a great way to exhaust yourself before bed, and big boobs make for nice warm soft pillows, and after-sex talk is great for bond-forming and winding down your day)

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