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My learner's permit expires today. I don't know how to drive still so license isn't an option I think. It was also my only form of ID.
Can an expired permit still work as your ID for bars and police?

they'll grumble but if you're not being ID'd for anything serious they really won't care, and even if you are, thats the least of your worries


depends on how lazy the bouncer is, if you are australian, by law expired id's will not get you into a licensed venue, however, if you look old enough and you're not an autist sperg, or if you're with a large bunch of girls, they might let it slide
>Let me permit expire
>Not an autist sperg
Your hopes are too high
well mate i was in your shoes once, in fact i held a learners for at least five something years, maybe six, i let it expire, i had to renew it, and i failed the test like seven or eight times i forgot, but now i drive where i want when i want

and i was an autist sperg in my youth, just well hidden nowadays

idk why the fuck you're worrying about bars and police when you dont even have a valid permit, let alone a license, get the fuck out there and do something about it anon, all the theoreticalizing here will do nothing useful for you
Head down to wherever your roads authority is and fucking get a new permit. If you're an ausfag you can also get a keypass but let this be a lesson to you. You're 28 I'm guessing... do some driving lessons
because I frequently have runins with cops and get carded all the time
I'd need to pay money and take tests to get a permit
>I'd need to pay money and take tests to get a permit
The permit renewal is like 20 bucks if you do it now. You'll spend more money on grog
File: 1625587970610.webm (1.19 MB, 640x640)
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just fucking run around with an expired permit if it's just cops you're worried about, in fact, if you're doing shit that makes the coppers interested in you, literally why do you care so much about the expiry date of a fucking learners permit??

>need to pay money
you dumb muppet if you're worried about being carded at bars you're likely spending money before during or after a night out, which means you've got money to save for a fucking learners permit

i seriously hope you're not older than 25, even i sorted myself out by then
Sorry the other anon assumed you were australian and you didn't correct him. Never mind
I don't drink or do that I just get carded a lot for various things.
Cops where I'm from a hostile so I don't want to give them more of a reason to fuck me. Is there situation where expired permit bad?

They don't do permit renewals here. And to get the license id need to retake the knowledge and vision test which I doubt id pass.
I have a social security card. Should I out that in my wallet? It seems like a liability . I don't even want my SS cars in my house
.........social security?

i dont know anything about american police and police vary greatly amongst states, cities, whatever in the usa

if it's still working for you then don't worry about it, if it's becoming an issue and police are actively getting on your case for not having valid id, talk to them and find out how to get cheap id because you may have other options than a learner permit

mate you gotta self-help a bit, internet strangers on the other side of the world can only do so much for you
What do you mean self help
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check if there are other options in the state you live in, here in ny you can get non drivers ID
How does this happen ?
>Can an expired permit still work as your ID for bars and police?

Depends on how lenient they wanna be with you, how much pressure their bar is facing, etc.

Though obtaining a new learner's permit shouldn't be too difficult.

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