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How do I not be bothered by condescending or asshole comments directed to me on the internet? I find it harder to deal than in real life because I'd just be able to to settle things (not as in a fight mostly) and the bad air would be cleared then and there. On the internet the words are just there, making you feel like shit. How to deal? I pretend like it doesn't bother me to placate my ego but it does. It's the fact that I can't immediately settle it with the person that gets to me so fucking much. It's a hell of a lot more pain in the ass because we're mostly confined to online interaction these days
Honestly just compartmentalize the platform and move on. Just treat it as it’s own bubble and separate it from reality. If you’re unable to separate 4chan from reality you’re gonna have a really bad time here.
Surprisingly I'm okay with 4chan comments because of the anonimity. Its pathetic but it's YT comments or Twitter that bothers me where you have a name
1) Don't enter into arguments online, there is no reason at all to do so
2) Pretend you don't care until you really not care. Yes, it works, the brain is that stupid.
1. Is so fucking true. Waste of time nothing will change their views or yours. In fact, don't interact online in a combative or negative way at all cause the same thing goes
Youtube comments are bottom tier in intelligence and always have been. Put no stock in them.
Mean comments online are made by bored malcontents. They have no personal beef with you, they just want to act tough on the only platform where they won't get their teeth kicked in. You're better than them.
The answer is obvious, isn't it?
Quit social media. Why bother hanging out with online strangers? Internet friends are not real.
Corona is over. Meet people irl.
>they have no personal beef with you
Have you checked out /biz/ recently? People using this website for all sorts of self-involved reasons. They don't just target tripfags anymore like that guy on /sp/.
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