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Hey everyone need a hand please,

I am 27 years old and been married for 3 years. Have a 2 year old and have a relatively comfortable life.

>Run own business.
>Studying JD Law part-time in background
>Manage to (just about) pay rent in best part of my city
>Life by all external appearances is actually awesome and almost every day is at least mildly pleasant.

Now the 'bad':

>Been with my partner for 5 years, but never had really 'good' sex. Like that crazy, DMT-like, spiritual sex. My wife is pretty, looks nice, thin, but I am really into massive milkers and voluptuous women. I've realised that even though my wife is beautiful, gets a lot of male attention, and people are always telling me how 'lucky' I am... I really want to go home to Ben Shapiro's sister every night.

Now the really bad

>Because I never really 'enjoy' sex, I'm recently finding it hard to muster up motivation to go to work, study, deal with all this COVID bullshit, and come home to sex which is okay at best.
>Used to smoke weed only at night and on days off, now waking and baking every day for last 6 months.
>My wife is actually great. Pretty much 4chan's dream woman. Was a virgin when she met me. Never even talks to men that proposition her. I've been there when someone tries to talk to her and she says 'I have a husband' within 2-3 sentences.
>Literally nothing wrong with our relationship otherwise. She hasn't been affected by Globohomo in any way. She goes to church but never even talks about it and is still really cool and does weed and psychadelics from time to time.
>She has sensed this and has been really, really trying in the last few months, but sometimes she snaps and asks "Whats wrong with you?! Why wont you sleep with me or show me affection" and I sometimes snap and say it's because I don't like her dry skin, or she didn't brush her teeth etc. In reality I know that if she were thicc I would let all of these things slide or wouldn't even notice them.
How could incel advice be useful here lmfao
I really want to make this work as I generally feel she is the best woman I've ever met. My breain has been working overtime to make me hate her to make the process of potential separation more palatable, but deep down I know I would never find a more functional, moral, and overall pleasant relationship ever again.

I've noticed that I've subconciously stopped taking care of myself to avoid any potential thots from tempting me.

I used to lift and do regular cardio, clean diet, personal grooming etc. now I barely brush my teeth and havent shaved in months. Deep down i know that if I start taking care of myself and attract a young, liberal fertile princess at Uni that shows me even the SLIGHTEST bit of sexual attention, I will fold like a pack of cards and fuck her right there in the library if that's on the table.

I feel compelled to branch out and it's like my body is craving additional female energy recently. Not so much just sexual, but to lie with a woman and talk and feel bodily closeness and the neurotransmitters that result. It feels involuntary and I am a slave to these desires. Jerking off 4-5 times a day isnt working.
For the sake of your baby, try to rekindle the spark of your marriage. Sex is just an empty pleasure. Life fulfillment is more.
Nigger you have a virgin wife and a family yet you complain. Get fucked. Tell her to put on weight if you want her to be thicker.
You idiot. Family it is your obligation to society to community and to Divine force that drives everyone to reproduce and live.

Keep respect to sacredness of life and family untouchable by Satan.

Sodomy is when you use your mind not to serve life , but getting creative for your own pleasure.

Sharp knife created not to scratch yourself behind the ear got it?

Never ever have sex, in no circumstances, because sodomy ruins marriage cripples life irreversibly for sure . (no sex)

What you need to do every night or as often as possible is get intimacy moments with your wife.

Total silence and darkens no talking 100% atention to each other . You need deep humane connection on the spiritual level first only then is safe for bodies to touch and it will be always best if you do not think about it at all.

Same way as body know how to breath with out you exactly same why your body's know how to fuck. Humans minds are always in a way to enjoy the moment in a present.

As more atention you will pay to sex as worse it will get, sex should never ever be in your mind (lower)

thinking about sex is a part of sodomy and as more you indulge, as worst it will get until cripple your life irreversibly and you will became like a sick dog, that jumps on any leg and start to ...

Life power drive lust, you handle it properly and not indulge.

spark plugs need distance in order for spark to happen. It is impossible to desire something that you already have. Increase distance and never lower human decency and respectfulness. Get each others autonomy to each other comfy not too close not too far.
> Ben Shapiro's sister
Damn OP... I'd genocide the jews all over again, to have what you have.
Read some sob stories of really shitty happenings... until you realize exactly how lucky you are to have what you have.
As a huge fan of huge titties.. I have but one word for you: gravity.
After a few years and depending on use.. those things will become straps.
Enjoy your virgin-before-you-met bride, she is probably one in a few million, outside of islam and other fundamentalist backgrounds.
I got about 10 years on you, had everything under the sun, explored everything I wanted (and some things I didn't).
TALK to her, openly. Hiding things from her can only hurt the relationship... don't do that.
And you have a kid too? Damn bro, you're livin' the goddamn dream of all males that ever lived before modern times and most single guys today (especially on 4chan). Learn what you have, and appreciate it.
You'll be suicidally miserable if she'd leave you. Do NOT fuck this up, OP.
I love how people can make issues out of nothing
"Way wah she doesn't have big titties I can't enjoy myself"
How about you communicate with her to find out how to spice up that sex life, instead of focusing on one sour note on an otherwise good relationship and being passive aggressive about it?

You're a faggot pothead and you're making excuses for being a fucking loser. Only a low-testosterone faggot would skip on fucking the wife.

Congrats on fooling her into thinking you were a man. It'll take a while but soon enough she'll fuck someone who wants her.
>he fell for the supermodel meme

lel, I bet you'd complain even more once your thicc gf gets too fat and doesn't want to lose the extra weight she put on
Get your head out of your ass faggot. I wish you could get your shit kicked in so you'd realize there is more to life than being a coomer. You're a dad. All that you need to care about is being a good dad. What if your kid grew up and then learned you chose to be a degenerate retard that prioritizes some fetishization over everything? The only thing I can think beyond tell you to fix yourself is to try a combat sport. Boxing or anything. Go put time and effort into that. Remove your access to the internet if you need to. You have a serious problem and if it isn't fixed then you're going to cause damage to people who depend on you and you will live the rest of your life hating yourself and thinking about how much you wish you would have just done something.
This is what awaits the modern "tradwife", men are no longer worth it
Hilarious, thanks for the daily reminder to never marry.

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