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The more I get /fit/, the more I can beat the shit out of inferior human species, or "Wömen".
I make them fall in love with me and then, during a normal conversation, better if in public, I hit them hard.
My younger self was a loser whiteknight, but now these cum-dumpsters don't deserve even the air I am breathing.

When I have succesfully hit 1000 women, I will pick a clueless 18yo virgin and impregnate her for 5 or 6 boys.

I will homeschooling them, so they will become me but better.

Nothing to say 4chan losers?
we're sorry your friends didn't invite you for the summer holidays, maybe you'll find better friends in high school
cool blogpost
In HS I was addicted to a sinfull jew creation, that makes your brain weak and start to corrupt you mind, "videogames".
I menage, on my own, to escape that, and became the winner I always wanted to be.
You are probably some 21+ wageslaving loser that at best will marry a used bitch that was fucked since 14 by his dad.
Blogposts are for gays, niggers and other shamefull jews creations.
These are the word of a man of god, a savior, that will make the human race stronger than ever before.
so you didn't find any friends then?
We get it, you feel left out and it hurts. You'll probably get over it without actually hurting anyone and these posts will look like the juvenile lolcow shit they are.
I find the best friends I can get on this Planet, God and Him, my savior.
The relentless path of a warrior has only to care about his ancestors and his mission.
I got a few rich and succesfull friends but I will be always alone; making money with crypto was just something I made alone.

I can't stand at them, they are fucking so many future average man wifes, that I despite human edonism like a plague, a sin.
God has a chosen that watch relentlessy in his divine path.
I am just following his guide to make all these bitches remember forever what a real man looks like.
When you used wife close your eyes whiln you are pounding her, she will think about me, when I make her feel a woman once in her life.
>i despise human hedonism
>i made money from crypto
>i will fuck bitches
This is how OP looks like

While I do think you're hilarious, raging and screaming into the empty void that is 4Chan only serves to discredit your works. IF they're even real that is.
the fall of man

You have my sword.
Nice larp/bait.
follow your dream
hit for the stars

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