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Gf sleeping patterns keep on getting worse and worse. Before we used to go to sleep at 3am waking up at 11, but ever since we started spending more time with our friends on discord, we rapidly started sleeping much later, and pretty much every day I had to tell her it’s getting late, we have to sleep and so on, otherwise she’d just stay the whole night up.
Things got even worse when I got a job. Since I often have to go to sleep at midnight to wake up at 6, I can’t really tell her to just go to sleep at the same time I do (we all get together late at night), but since I’m not there to tell her to go to sleep, she will stay up until 7am.
Biggest issue here is, here parents are extremely noisy and strict, meaning she can’t rest for more than a hour or two per day before they go wake her up, and even when she sleeps they make so much noise she isn’t able to rest properly. Not only this, her parents keep on telling her they are disappointed in her, as she wakes up too late.
Gf says it’s because of adhd, as she often gets hyperactive at night, but I have no idea how to help her, heck I don’t even know if she want to be helped at this point. I only know this is taking a huge toll on her health, and she doesn’t even realize it
I'm really good employee once I'm at the job but I've lost many jobs because of my inability to adhere to the normie sleep cycle. My body building doesn't care if I sleep at weird times as long as I do get plenty of sleep.
But I basically can't hold down a full time job permanently
I spent too much of my life neeting on welfare
My only hope is becoming an entrepreneur or doing something I would enjoy like personal trainer
Address that you care for her, but you can not keep holding her accountable for her sleeping patterns and that if she continues like that she will suffer damage in the long term if she does not correct her sleeping habits. You can sacrifice yourself for her. Explain that you care, but if she does not take the steps to care for herself that you have no interest in the relationship. This will either be a wake up call for her or you will have dropped dead weight. Good luck my dude
You can not sacrifice yourself for her***
My gf started pulling this shit a month ago. Kept going to bed at 6-7am.

Just put your foot down, tell her to grow the fuck up stop acting like a child. When it's 10pm tell her to get in bed and stay there. Set the alarm loudest it can go for 6am and make sure shes awake. Even if she slept for only 2-3 hours, repeat this for a week. She will have a normal schedule again.

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