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Two of my very close friends started dating each other and now neither of them ever talk to me anymore. One was someone I confided a lot in, but never had any romantic interest in myself. I'm not really sure if she had any interest in me in that way, but a lot of the stuff we talked about isn't really the kind of stuff you can talk to someone that is in a relationship with someone else I guess.

It's a weird feeling. It's not like I wish I was dating her instead, I just wish she was still my close friend like we used to be. I don't even really know what I'm asking advice on, as I don't plan or want to say anything about it to either of them, I guess I'm just part venting/part wondering if anyone else knows this feeling and has any words of wisdom to share.
>any words of wisdom to share
no. this is the normal life. people get a partner and then they put all their time and effort in that partner. losing friends because they found a partner is the most common way to lose friends. if you want someone to share your feelings with you need your own partner.
She’ll come back around when the relationship falls through or their honeymoon period is over

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