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My gf is a bit immature, she’s 18, still a senior but she’s a 10/10 and super popular, so I thought I’d go for it.

Anyway, she “found Jesus” two weeks before we met, and claims to not want to have sex anymore until marriage, because she used to be a “slut.”

She told me the rules were we can’t do anything sexual. Yet she constantly talks about sex. Our first date was literally jumping around in a public fountain late at night at my college drinking Jim Beam, and she told me the last time she got drunk a month prior at a party she wound up blowing five guys by the pool. I asked her if she’d fuck me if she wasn’t religious, and she said “absolutely.”

She constantly asks to sleep in my bed, and tells me it’s funny we’ve never fucked—but I’m just respecting her wishes.

One night she was grinding on me in her panties (apparently that’s okay) and she told me she tried anal when she was just 15 with a black guy who had a 10 inch dick. She felt me get rock hard, and said: “well, at least I wouldn’t have trouble deepthroating that... someday.”

After the dry hump session, she has become quite distant. Can she tell I am a bit put off by her constantly talking about sex? What is her motivation in doing that? The finding Jesus thing IS something she’s taking seriously, for what it’s worth. She’s super active at church. I’m just confused. I find myself constantly masturbating to the idea of her performing depraved sex acts with other men now. Is she actually wanting to fuck?
You leddit faggots try way too hard. Dilate or better yet kys

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