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Ok, I'll give a quick rundown so its easy to understand:

She is a very flirty girl who play fights and pokes me and a lot of other dudes in our course.

Her and I are partners in the police academy for patrol groups etc.

She and I have been studying a lot and getting deep and meaningful about our fucked up upbringings.

I noticed she started to always be available and even driving to the academy to 'study' but really just to talk

We started talking about our sex lives and she recently banged some guy off tinder with a small dick because she was so horny and hadnt had sex. That same night we was hanging back late with me and we were chatting about sex a lot and I had to go to meet some friends as I didn't wanna risk my job by trying to fuck her in the library.

Shes been initiating messaging all week with me and tonight we are going out for drinks and dinner but just us two, normally we have other police cadets there too. So this is a first. I try to kill the convos but she keeps them rolling with questions every time.

She made a comment about how I can only last 45seconds so I said "I'm not like guys you know..." to which she replies with "Ok I won't say anymore or I'll get myself in trouble". No clue what she meant because she told me about this tinder guy already.

We've been shying away from sex talk all week but starting to get close to it.

We tease each other about how we can't stand each other but the other day I asked why she came to the academy to study when she didn't and just talked to me? She said "don't pretend like you don't like my company too"

We all went out drinking last friday and she seemed heaps nervous around me and nothing happened as I got too drunk and went home.
You both sound like trash lol. Touch her butt a little and she’ll probably bust it wide open for you
>She is a very flirty girl who play fights and pokes me and a lot of other dudes in our course.

open your damn eyes. next week you will be busting too early and two weeks she will fuck someone else and you will be the embarrassing story everyone laughs at before they're fucking her

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