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The subject might be misleading I guess...
But the situation is: I have been talking to someone from abroad and we get along really well
We were planning on meeting and seeing how things would work out but at the same time I have a girl in my country that likes me but I don't give her much thought now since I am indecisive
Me and that abroad girl did talk about this and said that if we find partners in our countries we can just go for it but I feel like I'd be a dick if I just chose someone from here over her..

What should I do?
See her first, then decide
Def. something I would do but a long distance relationship would mean a lot if thing
Most important one would be time for me to finish my studies, get a job and then get another job in her country which sounds like something near impossible.
If you're not 100% sure then a LDR is not worth it. You can be try a relationship with the girl in your country if you're that desperate.
Interesting pic OP
Sounds like you are more interested in foreign girl so check it out.
I haven't really talked much with the one from here so that's why I sound more interested
I know that the one from aboard is cool and all

Not really desperate just lonely. It's been a few years since my last (long) relationship and it 's started to feel pretty shitty
As I said LDR are not worth it unless you're absolutely sure. Meeting her might help with this. But if you're not sure by then don't waste a bunch of years of your and her life trying to make something which is borderline impossible work, for no reason at all other than the fact it makes you feel good to "overcome the distance" or whatever
Good advice man
Thanks a lot
I guess I have this insane idea..I do feel like an asshole for doing this but I am sure she won't be alone for long either

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