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I keep getting angrier and angrier over comments people post online. Not 4chan, but I go onto sites like Twitter, Youtube, Plebbit etc and I read/post in forums for debate and discussion on current issues. Lately I keep getting my accounts banned and having to make new ones, because I get in arguments that escalate to the point where I start making vicious personal insults to the other person and threaten their life. Last night I spent a solid hour sending private messages to some Plebbitor detailing how I wanted to slowly strangle him, gut his intestines and feed them to his daughter after raping her. I got ashamed after sending that so I deleted that account.

What can I do? Do I seriously need to just block myself from these sites so I dont give myself the opportunity to get angry like that?
Stop. Don’t take yourselv to
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You'll probably get offended by my take, and I can't do anything about that. I don't care how you perceive my words, I mean no offense:

Only stupid and retarded people argue over anything. You can never, ever change a person's viewpoint on anything. We unconsciously (I am using that term loosely, not scientifically) treat arguments as a proverbial physical fight. If I debunk your leftist political leanings you'll react to this no differently than if I were to sucker punch you in the nose.

People are also the slaves of their environment. Whites are faggots, Arabs (which I am) are faggots, we are all faggots. No matter the race, you'll be talking with a tribal-minded 46 chromosomed ape. Even deracinated jews are "tribal".

You are arguing with a mold. A literal mold. The only difference is the aesthetic.

You are under the delusion that you can change the grand scheme of things by arguing or calling people faggots. This is not the case.

You are a civie, I am a civie, and we will always function as any civie does: drifts along the uncontrollable circumstances that are forced on us.

Even if shit hits the fan and a racial civil war erupts, it'll not be because you have "woken up" and "had enough of niggery and jewery and araberry" but its because that civil war was brought about by again, circumstances that you as an individual didn't have any real contribution on.

You will always be a raging observer. So my two cents are:

> Read book related. Don't vet the author (he's a leftist fuck) but he makes a good point. Ditch the news and its sisters (youtube channels, 4chan /pol/, etc)
> Work to maximize your OWN, personal and private well being. Your country is poor as fuck? Well too bad. You can't do anything about it as a civie. What you can do is to ensure that you on a micro level, like you and those who you care about, are doing ok.

In the grand scheme of things, you are alone. No fellow "white" brother or w/e will care if you starve to death.

You are not mentally sick, I hope so at least. You are like this because you have consumed media that baked you to be like this.

You need to change your perspective, not what you expose yourself to. Sounds contradictory to my "stop the news" talk, but what I mean is that don't put yourself in an ivory tower in the process.

Your objective in life is to ensure that you get to live and die on your own terms and be slave to no one. You NEED and HAVE TO learn how to live and co-exist with people you don't like, because they'll be your neighbor, your boss, your cashier and your everyday man. You will be forced to live with them. Even if you try to "kill" them, they'll never be eradicated.

People with zeals the likes of which you will never ever achieve have spent 1000s of years trying to eradicate people of the opposite sect or religion and every and each one of them lives among us.

change how your PERSPECTIVE and how you DEAL with what makes you angry, not "ditch" what makes you angry. You literally can't avoid it.

My English is VERY, VERY, VERY, BAD. I am struggling to string two sentences together. I don't know if you understand what I am trying to convey...
Fomenting conflict and hatred between people is the entire purpose of social media. Anger equals attention equals engagement equals more opportunity to be exposed to ads or have your emotions directed to change your behavior. Uncle Ted was right about everything. Delete all social media. It is absolute cancer. And reduce your screen time.
cont. conclusion:

Waiting for the world to change to fit your mold is an endeavor that will make you end up in a grave or a psychiatric ward or a prison. Don't dwell on it boy.

Each and every one of us existed without their consent and we have to somehow manage to live and die with the least amount of suffering possible.

You sound like a White American. You have it easier than someone of brown shitskin like me. No matter how individually I excel over any white person out there, I will always be treated as a second class citizen in any developed country no matter where I go.

No amount of acceptance propganda is going to change this, because the capacity for intolerance to turn into a pogrom where people kill each other always exists.

An alt-right politican once said that the mirage of genuine acceptance, like the acceptance of LGBTQs and people of color is only as strong as the power that protects it. It cannot exist without a power that forces people to tolerate people who you can't tolerate normally.

And he couldn't be more right.
I'm in the same boat: Ip banned from plebbit for saying "shut the fuck up" to someone politely giving advice. Happened today.
The only thing I can say is that you are loved and I feel your pain.

I am >>24092224

The problem with leftists on plebbit and elsewhere is despite their goals in life are NOMINALLY good and righteous, like in a just world, racial discrimination wouldn't exist, as humans would be sane enough to know that you can only punish people for A CRIME THEY COMMITTED, not for their congenital features (how they look like, etc)

But leftists took this too far and have started to impose unrealistic measures that unironically increase intolerance in the grand scheme of things.

I got a real black pill: humans are incapable of being objective and good.

If only my English was good enough for me to speak my mind in an eloquent way. I don't know how to phrase this correctly, but:

The DEFINITIONS of virtue and goodness is relative. It is confined by the ideological mold of the beholder.

A muslim's definition of honor is to keep his woman in check and to not allow any form of cuckoldery to take place. And for women to dress "modestly".

A white person's definition of honor is to be civilized in conduct, free of corruption and bribery, nationalistic and to preserve one's culture.

A pajet's definition of honor is to ask for bobs and vagene.

The person you argue doesn't define things as you define them and you'll never be able to redefine his definitions for him. and vice versa.

You having nothing going on in your real life

No real problems no real goals


Society is being feminized to the point that telling someone to "shut the fuck up" will result in 'deplatforming' or what have you.
>The manner in which you do things take precedence over what you do. when the plebbitor totally misconstrued my reasoning, I felt disrespected, so I told her to shut the fuck up.

>*A white person's definition of honor is to be civilized in conduct*
This is very true, regrettably. I am so grateful for 4chan, the place where we can tell someone to fuck of and still get along.
I truly believe that we are living in cyber fascism.

> so I told her to shut the fuck up.

> I told her

> HER.

Are you a sane person? Arguing with a WOMAN(1), on the Internet(2) and ON REDDIT(3)?

Is your brain ok? You really thought you could change a woman's point of view?

You can never change what a woman thinks. If she's your wife and her sustenance is under your mercy, she'll feign compliance and do whatever she wants behind your back.

Women will never respond to reasoning.
>JK she actually took it in good faith, and even said that it was funny in that context, reddit just shit itself for a couple of minutes.
>Hope restored nigga
That was pretty good actually
lol i do the same thing..,.. but normally i think i’m nice person
true but the fact that you tell someone how you kill him, more then half will remember and even if it will make them feel shit for minute, that’s really good feeling

> Predatory animals usually devour prey in order to convert flesh into fuel. Most human predators, however, seek power, not food. To destroy or damage something is to take its power. This applies equally to a political movement, a government, a campaign, a career, a marriage, a performance, a fortune, or a religion. To push a pie into the face of the world’s richest man is to take his power, if only for a moment.

Power means "to control".

My argument is that our perception of reality is uniquely different for each individual. It is relative.

There's a Pajet who is a manlet and has extreme incel issues who shitposts here everyday threatening to rope himself. Check the catalog.

This pajet perceives the world by his dick. When he sees a white woman walk past him, he becomes infuriated as he sees a girl he can't sexually control.

You, on the other hand, perceive the world with your race or political stances, whatever. You want to control the demographics and the political landscape of your country. In other words, you think like a POLITICIAN who is in power.

You are not a politican. You should not become a politican and you should not be one.

Your macro view of the world is destroying you. You have no power on the macro level.

Instead, make a conscious effort to shift your perception inwards. On a micro level, your immediate surroundings.

You will feel more power in your life as opposed to now. You literally waste your life arguing with someone who can't accept their biological gender. Come on man.

Unironically, curb your racism, stop watching the news and do not sink to the cesspool of cancel cultures.

Read the damned book I pictured above.

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