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How can I stop being a good/charitable person?

I often find myself going out of my way to help random people, and I’m worried about being taken advantage of.

Whenever someone asks me for help, I always try to help them in whatever way I can at the moment, but often I feel like a lot of the people I help are just looking for a sucker to take advantage of...

Take today, I got off the subway and this chinese lady was with her friends and her friends trying to get past the pay gate but her card wasn’t working at the train was coming. She asked me for help and it turned out her card was expired so I just swiped my card for her and went on my way(was only $2 so w/e) I didn’t expect anything from her for doing that, but when I was walking away I heard her friends laughing and saying “free free free”, maybe I’m just overthinking it but I feel like they were making fun of me.

I use to get taken advantage of in high school, nothing egregious, just free car rides and shit, and I’ve been trying to tone down my drive to help people but I haven’t been so successful.

I just want to be able to shut all of that shit down and only care about myself and what I’m doing.

Any advice?
don't help people if you do it to feel good about yourself, because you can be disappointed. Learn to recognize people who are hustling you, they're usually adults who should have other ways to get what they're asking for.
If you have partial feelings sont depend on them
>How can I stop being a good/charitable person?
You know you're being taken advantage of when someone comes back to you and tries and guilt you into doing this, or even trying to make you do something they can do themselves. Don't think "oh, it's ok. I can do this. It's simple."
Literally just make fun of them for not doing it themselves.
Stop doing it for six months, see how much money you have, and never look, and never look back.
T. Was overly generous
are you me?

I started giving shitty excuses, just like people would too
My aunt, for instance, would bug me every now and then for me to lend her my credit card.
Last time I left it with her, she spent almost everything without warning me.

After that, I had to say - I have no more credit/I can't this month/I'm at the limit a few times and she just left me alone.

But even though it should, it isn't easy to say no

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