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23 male, and lately I've been wanting less people around me. Just been meeting a lot of weird ass people, and sorry excuses for businesses lately. The warehouse I hire to pack my stuff for example fucked up over 80 of our orders and they're dragging their feet on getting me my products back and them fucking off.

Some people that I've recently met have some weird shit going on with them. A couple that works at the gym I go to have a succubus visiting them at night (really), another guy has some weird mental illness and is trying to figure out what my business is and what times I come to the gym, and the guy who got me into the gym was a Satanist.

It seems like a lot of people have a bunch of fucking demons in modern society.
>seems like a lot of people have a bunch of fucking demons in modern society.
seems like you're one of them. Get therapy about your paranoia.
Dunno actually if it's a generational thing honestly. I was a crossing guard for two years, and a lot of the kids had the "demisexual" "pansexual" etc flags on their backpacks. I was a crossing guard for a middle school. Four kids in my graduating class in highschool were transgender.
Nope. I sorta half expected some responses like yours. So many kids these days day drink & do drugs all day, it's not surprising. In fact you may be one of the degenerates yourself.
Nice deflection, but if you're stringing together the warehouse's behavior with scary stories from your gym buddies and a few words in from a mentally ill guy, you're cracking up.
I think it's more you than them. I don't have any of these experiences. The people you described don't sound like they're your friends or acquaintances. They sound like people who work at places you do business at. Why are you letting these people into your life?
Honestly was just talking about building boundaries. I don't really think I care to talk to these people at all.
Mm, it's you who made the link between the warehouse & "scary stories" from the gym. I simply briefly explained why I'm getting sort of tired of dealing with people lately.

Perhaps it sheds some light as to why you feel the need to accuse people of being paranoid, seeing as you personally draw conclusions on people you don't know. I'd appreciate it if you didn't reply anymore.
Yea it's a choice. I'm very picky about who I interact with.
why, are you scared I'm "one of them"? That's right anon, we're gangstalking you. I'm mocking you in this post right now! My suggestion for you to get help is just a desire to see you drugged and hypnotized. It's all part of the mass occult rite that is being performed in your area, causing people to behave strangely. You should establish boundaries by cutting yourself off from people and all forms of EM radiation.
Tbh I may speak with a friend of mine about that. He's really good with boundaries and honestly I admire how he doesn't let people override them. I'm pretty good with detecting if someone's not good for me, but I'm not so good with not letting them into my life. Sorta counter productive.
your paranoia could be an early sign of paranoid schizophrenia, don't fuck around with this.
hmm, I guess I'll talk to a therapist. I guess it's a possibility, although I feel sane and coherent.
Other anons who suggested therapy, never hurts to try it and just see what the psych says. For some people it really helps.
> It seems like a lot of people have a bunch of fucking demons in modern society.
I think they were always there, people are just worse at hiding them post-covid.
> A couple that works at the gym I go to have a succubus visiting them at night
Is there a way I can summon one of these? I haven't had sex for 4 years and it sounds like a good time.
A cousin I grew up with just took his own life because he was a paranoid schizo. You're probably fine, but an abundance of caution is best and frankly I'm amazed you responded with open mindedly, you're neither npc nor far gone at all. WAGMI

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