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File: dogpill1.jpg (66 KB, 1200x630)
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How to avoid dog moms. I don't want them to talk to me and I don't want them to even look at me
Say you're a cat person
Dude if such a thing were possible you can guarantee you'd never talk to, or ever even see, a woman.
Muh furbabies
Imagine kissing this shit.
i don't think dog moms do that to you, have dog moms said this? is that why you're writing this? to hate on dog moms everywhere? you're a fuckin gpathetic lsoer.
File: _20210417_222335.jpg (74 KB, 385x216)
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Hehe this is somewhat related
>female cousin
>has two young daughters and a small dog
>let the dog out
>dog is runnning around
>no one is looking...
>dog eats some shit on the ground (like start licking literal turd)
>comes home
>entire family, mother and daughters kissing said dog
>alcoholic father nowhere to be found
lmao thanks for the laugh
There are far too many dog moms. I have a dog but since I live in a condo he is just a medium sized dog. Every dog mom out there gets the biggest dog they can find for some reason. Probably because they want something big to cuddle with because they are so lonely. I don't believe in the fucking dogs thing, so I'm not implying that. But I want to find a girlfriend and I'm thinking their dogs are going to get in the way. I already have a dog. So if we move in together we will have two dogs or more depending on how many she has. I love dogs but I don't want to be up to the neck in dogs. Maybe people should wait until they start a family to get a dog.
>best friend has a gf who's also my friend
>one day she gets a dog
>now both their lives revolve around dog
>entire friend group involves people they met at dog park
>dog hair everywhere
>they dog sit for other dogs
>dogs dogs dogs dogs
>dogs should be expunged from society
this thread smells like toxoplasmosis
I was on my deck smoking bongs and a cat was trying to cross the street and there was a fuckton of cars. It kept getting scared back and forth so I went out to help it cross the road and its got this massive fucked up eye. I’m thinking what the fuck is this cat injured. I holler to the neighbour asking if his eye was always like this and she said no... they were gonna take him to the vet or something? So the cat is going in the other direction at this point, and then stops and vomits, He then came over since I had got a can of sardines to bait him but I took the shitty ones instead of the golden smoked ones and the cat was not interested after sniffing. I should have picked him up when he was sniffing, he was over this dumb little fence and I should have picked him up and carried him over to the neighbour but I didn’t want to trespass onto the lot I had put the sardines beside. Now it’s raining. I hope that cat is okay, I don’t feel absolved idk I doubt the neighbours care this much or if they do they are twice as useless and I let that cat down. We let that cat down. Who’s fucking cat is it?
cats don't have owners. They let them shit everywhere spread brain parasites to humans and kill off all the local wildlife. Cats will also fuck other cats up exactly like how you described eyes getting mangled and shit and cat owners will just be like "well he's an outdoor cat :)"
Yep, cats are based

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