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Hi anons, ive started hanging out with this girl for the past 3 days and she's a really funny, honest and i feel calm when she's hugging me. She told me all about her yesterday and we spent over 5 hours together. The thing is, when im talking with my friends i can talk about all these interesting stuff to me. And most stuff interesting to me are very absurd and weird. I have small hobbies like drawing and playing/practicing the melodica but then i have bigger weirder hobbies like analyzing media i really like where i research all the stuff behind the scenes and i have a Lego City where i try to make a small replica of stuff i think would be great in a city. She's a english major like me but her real dream is to be a actor, and she's really passionate about theatre, i really like theatre too and that helps me when im trying to form conversations with her but that's kind of the only interesting thing we share. She's really fun and keeps holding my hands and snuggling on to me and whenever she makes a joke about how cute i am or how she likes snuggling me i always let out nervous laughs and even though she likes them and tells me they make her feel special, i feel like i need more personality traits and hobbies to seem more interesting to her, all the personality traits and hobbies i have right now feel too weird to share with her and i really don't know what to do. I'm normally a funny person and i make my friends laugh but im always hesitant about making jokes or talking about my interests around her because im scared that she'll think im weird.

So what should i do? Do i just open up about my interests in normal conversations or do i just wait for her to learn about these when im actually tinkering with them and should I act like i do when im around my friends or do i try to be more romantic and relationship-y?
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