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Hewwo uwu

I recently got a gf (my first serious relationship) and I'm not that experienced in bed.
At first she couldn't tell, but now she feels it's getting a bit dull. She told me she wants me to be more dominant.
The thing is... That she acted REALLY shy at first. She barely could bear me watch her naked in the light (hence we turn off the light every time) and she even did it with a shirt on as well (Again, at first). A
It feels like I'm getting mixed signals because it felt I had to be suuuuuuper gentle and caring, and now she wants me to take charge.
"imma chain you to the wall. Now try walking away from it" kind of feeling.

Any advice? Any tricks? How to be both dominant and somewhat aggressive while also being gentle?
Its a fine line youre walking, and I understand the situation... You literally can't do both at the same time, so, I propose a helpful guide here:
Chances she leaves if your "too gentle and caring"?
Chances she leaves if your "too assertive"?

In my experience, shes MUCH more likely to stick around for the assertive man.
>Hewwo uwu
Shut the fuck up and never post here again
You know when you use a word or a phrase ironically over and over until you start using it unironically and not on purpose?
That's my deal with "uwu"

Also, thanks for taking your time for recording and uploading. Now I know you care <3
Specifically in bed, I meant. No danger of her leaving me.

In that case, just be assertive. Remember assertive is different than aggressive. Be clear in what you want. It sounds like she wants you to take charge, so do that. She doesnt want you to ask her to take her shirt off, she wants you to pull her shirt off. As long as she doesn't resist you, then you know youre doing it right.

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