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i gave a speech on zoom to my class, like a presentation
but i was so nervous, i was trembling and i stuttering and alot of times in the middle my brain would just stop and it was like i froze like a statue

Never felt anything like this before

is there anything i can do to help this? any things i can take? i may try phenibut or even having a shot before i present
pretty much happens to everyone for their first couple of public speaking situations, relax, you're normal.

I hate to be cliche, but basically you just have to keep doing it, you gain confidence over time. Also, If you do it enough times, you WILL have a few really, really bad presentations. Its going to happen. Just learn from it, and keep going.
but all that humiliation bro i really dont want to experience all of that. it will completely wreck what people think me of me. like everyone will know im not confident. no ladies then i guess
no one actually cares about your presentation because it's your presentation. Humans are deeply selfish.

The reality is that no one is thinking about how you did, they're thinking about how they did. Just like yourself. You're embarrassed, but so is everyone else.
Lastly, just learn to laugh at yourself. If you can laugh at your own mistakes, you'll be much better off.
fair enough. i also get this shit when im having sex but i guess the more i have it the less i will feel it
Here's a professional trick.

It is easy to be flustered by the thought that you are making a speech to the whole class (just as it can scare some actors to think they're addressing millions on radio or TV)

But the fact is that you are addressing one person sitting in front of his screen (or TV or radio). There may be 20 (or a million) such individuals, but each one is experiencing you as one person listening to one person.

Instead of speech-making, talk to this one person, the way you would talk to one other person in the room with you.
deep breaths. take your time speaking. meditate on the deep breaths beforehand. count each breath until 10 then start over.
I have to do public speaking a lot and it has helped me. I was a mess that couldn't breathe at first but now it's getting easier and easier doing this and getting experience with it.

Taking drugs or alcohol to help alleviate social anxiety is a really risky path to take because it works a little too good for us. You wont want to go back to the old you but it only works for a few years before it turns on you.
If its on zoom you're in luck. For any presentation you have to give just type out word by word on whatever you're presenting. Practice reading what you wrote down multiple times and when it's your turn to do the presentation pretend that you're just practicing reciting what you wrote. That take cares of any stuttering and anxiety of presenting.

> I did this 4 hours before (hungover af) I had to do my 6 minute long capstone design presentation worth 40% of my grade..... got a 95 on it.

Also I noticed that if I'm hungover from a night of drinking I simply just don't give a shit of what/who I'm presenting to.

And like how other anons mentioned, no one really cares about your presentation because they're just worrying about their own.

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