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I want to know what I am supposed to do? Safety, security wise. EVERYTHING. Like where can I learn this shit. If they were in one place and I can read them all that would be perfect
Not today, DEA
I swear the god I'm not a cop. I'm just lazy as fuck to Google it because i know that im a fuckingpussy and I dont do drugs anyways I'm just interested
If you can't figure it out yourself you shouldn't be doing it
The fuck? I'm asking for help though. This is advice
Yes an I am giving you the advice that if you are not able to figure it out yourself you shouldn't be doing it since you are clearly not tech savvy enough to do it safely. Also if I actually tried to explain it to you the jannies would remove it anyway.
do not poison your soul permenantly by taking weed like some pathetic faggot.
Don't. All of the legit sites are honeypot now.











>All of the legit sites are honeypot now.
Are you stupid all legit sites are legit and all the honeypots are honeypots. But as long as you stick to the leading marketplace you don't have to worry about honeypots.
Get a PO box, buy from trustworthy marketplaces, use bitcoin, deliver to PO box. Done. Always wait a few days after deliveries just in case so there's enough plausible deniability, as you can't get in trouble for things just being sent to you, but you can get in trouble for taking and using the things being sent to you.
I know some people use wickr to order drugs and do other dumb illegal shit. Either that or telegram.
You seriously don't know what you are talking about
t. someone who doesn’t know anything about weed
>You seriously don't know what you are talking about
How should a leading marketplace that hunderts maybe thousands of people use be a honeypot retard?

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