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Do I always go where and what she wants to eat?
Does she always have the say on what she wants to do and where to go?
Even if she orders an expensive drink or food that's over my budget, do I still get it anyway?
Do I always pay for everything on the date?
Do as thou will
You don't just ask her out "on a date." You ask her to a concert or a walk or dinner or whatever. (At the very least that tells her how to dress). You can be more specific - "...at the new French restaurant in town." That way, if she doesn't like French food, she can say so and you can have a Plan B ready. Meanwhile, you checked out the restaurant yourself to be sure you could afford it.

You pay for the first date, unless she offers to share the cost. After that, she ought to begin offering to share or to pay for alternate dates, assuming there are any.
You mean fucking around before marriage instead of courtship?

Why you want to behave like jew rats suggested on the Hollywood screen?

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