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alright this is it boys. Gf told me she never wanted to do that kind of stuff before but since she is so comfortable with me she is very curious and it turns her on (go figure).
Anyway, what am I in for? I've coomed so many times to butt stuff but it will be my first time. I want it to be as clean as possible. I'll buy a water enema thingy and i trust her to clean herself up nicely. Also planing lots of foreplay and lube.
Anything else lads?
>coomed so many times to butt stuff
Hole is a hole
The mental and physical dirtiness is the main benefits of anal, and also possibly the D/S aspects. physically it feels slightly less nice than a pussy.
Enema is not needed, she should just have a good poop 1-2 hours before. Also you should always lick the hole you're gonna fuck.
wear a condom. no matter how much she says she cleaned up, you're still gonna get poop on your dick. condom makes it so you dont actually get poop on your dick.
go slow
dont make it weird
enema yes
nothing kills it like poop unless ur into scat
fingers first
cut nails
I used to make anal to be this amazing thing only reserved for the true initiated but its really not worth it. It feels as good as a pussy to me but even if it hasnt happened to me yet, the risk of poopdick and stuff is just a letdown and theres always weird smells that you try and not think about too much, plus the post-cum experience is always gross to me. Plus you always have to start slow with fingers first and so on so its a build up to it so its just a hassle overall for something that feels pretty much the same.

I still do it at least once or twice with whoever I sleep with to assert dominance and see wether they like me enough to let me do it basically, but after that I just stop asking for it and they never bring it up again either.
Wont be taking risks, a bit of cleaning can't be overkill. Also I'll mayve try a lick, who knows.
Condoms kinda kill my boners. No risks of stds, we both did tests not too long ago. Are we talking big chunks or just little particules? I would prefer to go raw as I'll clean myself up right after. Is it safe if she is really clean?
Yea i'll play with her ass as much as possible. I don't really know how I feel about toys tho..
How is the post cum experience gross? In my mind this seems hot as fuck.
>How is the post cum experience gross? In my mind this seems hot as fuck.

Yeah, because you are in the pre-cum mindset right now, I would agree that it seems hot as fuck right now, but from experience I know that after I cum I realise my benis has just been in an asshole and even if the asshole is superclean, theres still a distinct smell and it always feels like it itches in a weird way that it doesnt with regular sex, so I feel like I gotta go clean my dick fast.
I see, it's also probably my coomer mind making this way hotter than it actually is. I almost regret having this fetish.
>Condoms kinda kill my boners.
Try bigger condoms.
A lot of dudes are using condoms that are too small because the majority of condoms are sized for small Asian peckers.
Anal is great. Especially if the girl had already pooped and has a smooth hole. Just use lots of lube. Take it super slow to start. Keep replenishing lube or spit. Yeah youre gonna get a bit of shit juice. But that's the territory you're in so fuck it. The feeling of spooning a girl while inside her ass is like no other. I've done it always raw, makes me cum so hard
I mean, it is pretty hot, especially the first few times you do it, it just lost its novelty pretty fast to me. But again, thats just me personally.
This is super true. I needed something with more girth. I thought an average condom would do. Where the ones branded as being bigger would be hilariously big on me. But no, I looked up the stats, theres not much of a size difference.
I don't think size is an issue, my dick isn't that big. I'm circumcised so maybe that's that. Sometimes I even feel like the damn thing is going to slip off my penis but that's maybe just paranoia.
Ever had any infection issues when not using a condom?
If she's never put anything up there before I highly doubt she will fit your dick in there without pain first time around. Get her to empty her bowels, shower, and poke a finger up there (nails trimmed and filed) and see what it feels like. Get comfortable with that, then try 2 fingers and so on.

If you both go to the bedroom expecting to just poke your raging boner in her poop chute within the hour then you're both sorely mistaken. Sorely being the operative word.
The condom isn't about STDs dingus. Getting shit particles in your urethra can lead to a urinary tract infection and it's fairly common to occur from raw anal.
No problem i'll do that. It makes me diamond just thinking about preparing her ass.
Yes that's also my concern. But if she cleans her up really well and if I do too afterwards I am still at risk?
>But if she cleans her up really well and if I do too afterwards I am still at risk?
Yes, you remain at risk. It's not guaranteed but it's a distinct possibility since she's a first timer and likely won't do a perfect job cleaning. Wrap your tool dude, it's not worth the pain.
Fug. Then condoms it is
I like anal because it's a bit tighter than pussy at first, but after a few minutes it's basically the same, except bad smells start to find their way to your nose and remind you what might be waiting for you when you pull out.

It's mostly the mental taboo that makes cumming raw into an asshole the most intense feeling your dick can experience.

But then you pull out and are afraid to look down because of what you might see.

It's kind of like when you're horny and end up jerking off to weird porn, and straight after you cum you're holding your dick with a feeling of regret, slightly disgusted by yourself, but also kinda amused.
Essentially this. Maybe burn some incense or some shit during so that it can mask the smell.

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