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I'm 23 and a type 1 diabetic since 10-12 years and i never took care of my illness. My feet feel a bit numb since yesterday. Is it over for me?
First, see a doctor
Also, you have to realize that food isn't happiness, it's very temporary at least. Change your diet, make it healthy. Get involved in something your passionate about, food is very surface level, you'll get over it. You don't need food to make you happy.
Yeah I know, the main problem is my high sugar intake, the tobacco and me being too lazy to check my bloodsugar and give myself insulin.

But what could explain that feeling then?
About the tobacco, I didn't know it affects diabetes, but from experience, I can say vaping has given a much more satisfying high than cigs, and it tastes better, no smell etc...
I don't know if it's the nicotine that's the problem or the tobacco though.
about the food, yeah, what I said earlier.
Also, I'm not a doctor, so I don't know about the foot issue, but go and see one.
Fellow diabetic here.

Over time, the high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can damage the nerves. This type of nerve damage is known as diabetic polyneuropathy.

iirc, such nerve damage often starts with the feet.

Please take proper care of your diabetes, I know injecting insulin and checking your blood sugar levels is a hassle, but you need to build up the rythm

Also, high blood sugar can also damaged the nerves in your eyes and make you go blind!
Can I ever fix my feet?
Depends on how bad it is. Can you feel your toes? Nerves are very hard to repair. There are also special diabetic socks to reduce the chance of further foot injury.

Also, go see your doctor.
Here's a really wild, off-the-wall idea.

Have you thought of seeing a doctor?
The sugar is eating your nerves. Next thing you know it'll rot your legs and the docs will have to chop off a toe, then the foot, then the whole leg up to your knee. I've seen it happen. Go2doc you fool.
Is there still hope they'll turn normal again?
>having type 1 diabetes
>not checking bsl and giving yourself insulin

Are you also retarded? Your body is gradually losing the ability to make insulin, permanently. Without enough insulin, sugar in your blood cannot enter cells. This sugar will accumulate in your blood. It will damage nerves, it will damage small blood vessels, it will damage your kidneys, it will damage just about everything.

Some damage may be reversible but the longer you procrastinate, the worse the outcome. That's as much as 4chan can tell you. We're not doctors. See a doctor, admit to being stupid, and then follow what they tell you to do.

Or don't. Just die so you don't make dumb posts here anymore.
I know, it's no excuse but I've been in a deep hole for quite a while. It isn't like I didn't take no insulin at all, i just often waited too long to inject it, did a shitty job keeping my levels on a good spot and ate shit.

Yes, it's my fault and being depressed/burnt out is no excuse. I'm forcing myself to take care of it now since yesterday with pretty good results and no measurement above 150 so far. My avg is 110 rn.
Well keep at it you diabeetus faggot

Maybe they'll even find a cure for type 1 one day
Keep in mind having a high blood sugar will make you feel worse mentally as well.
Yeah, I'm most likely an ADD-Case and can tell that my cognitive abilities have declined over the time. I went from a top pupil to a crap EE student that screwed up a soft physics exam twice with no focus whatsoever.

My feet feel a little bit better by now, maybe it's just a wrong alert or the fact that it's like 33°C outside. I'll keep my bloodsugar checked from now on.

I set the bet on stem cells.

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