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you know the drill.
A highly interesting romance story about many interesting characers whose lives intersect and all have sex with each other except for one plain, teenage black haired male character among the cast whom no one falls for, who doesn't really mind either as they otherwise normally talk to him.
A discussion between gods ends up hurting the god of Sexuality. For some reason all humans became bisexual out of the blue. The story is about an entire school full of bisexual horny teenagers trying to date each other.
Main character doesn't get much gains from training so he has to absorb the energy/life force of his enemies to get stronger.
some guy gets hit by a truck and reincarnated into another world.
the story isn't about em, though, but some rpg world rando who has to do a fuckton of shit to survive or get respect, whose actions indirectly help the isekai protagonist during their journey.

rando fucks isekai mc raw in the end
cute girls doing cute things
File: vomit_chan.jpg (110 KB, 680x680)
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>needing an excuse for that rather than just doing it.
Shota bully a teenage shut-in but then he rapes him in an alley (I mean the shota rapes the shut-in).
Having real gods affect the story gives way more possibilities than just outright saying
>there's a school full of bisexual kids
Fantasy world hobo gets run over by a cart horse and is reborn in Japan during world war 2
There's a high school full of cryptids. Main character is an MC who wants to marry his childhood friend. His childhood friend is a Scottish dino loli named Nessy.
>MC is a regular salaryman working for a black company
>his stay at home wife is secretly a retired magical girl
>some things happen and she gets forced out of retirement
>but this time she never actually has to fight any monsters, they were already dead by the time she arrive on scene
>all she knows is that they were defeated by a man with a briefcase
I just want a story of someone's life that covers most possibilities. Every choice they make in important moments splits the story in two and we gets every possible ending
Street magician finds himself caught up in a war between actual mages. Fights are all about trying to deceive them with his tricks while figuring out how their magic works and how to defeat them.
File: aroundtheworld.gif (961 KB, 500x452)
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961 KB GIF
>avatar-like deity brings peace a land after centuries of constant conflict
>deity entrusts humans with parts of his heart which are used to create magical weapons capable of wiping out entire armies with ease
>the original owners and their decedents are the only people who can use them
>each weapon has a specific characteristic, based on the emotions from the deity
>humans form states and kingdoms over the centuries based on who controls the weapons
>6 states exist at this point, 4 of which have these weapons
>states still fight each other despite the danger posed by the weapons and MC's home is destroyed and family killed during a war
>MC is luckily adopted by a noble who is in possession of one of these weapons
>MC soon learns he is capable of wielding the weapon (this weapon happened to be similar to a wakizashi sword)
>MC trains to become skilled in swordsmanship while at the mean time gaining the trust and support of the noble
>soon though, the two of them are alone and he murders the noble
>the noble's court and guards are unable to figure out who the culprit is and eventually the MC, because of his ability to wield the sword, is elevated to the head of the late noble's house
>MC uses his new found power to try and convince the kingdom his territory lies in the wage war against the states as a way to "unify" the land
>in reality, the MC wishes to obtain all the magical weapons and destroy them in order to rid humanity of such powerful and dangerous weapons
>the war, the MC believes, should show just how devastating the weapons can be and that humanity is better off without them
>the kingdom he is in already contains two other magic weapons so the MC is able to convince the king and the crown prince that conquest is feasible, thus beginning the story
Sexy teenage girl has loot crate super power from birth. Each week she rolls dice (whether awake or asleep) and will receive one item (anything, a toy, armor, weapon, flying carpet, potions, panties, a talking doll, etc), one random skill (lockpicking, heat vision, absolute stealth, perfect mechanical aptitude, etc) and one random effect (ex. Flight, blue hair, giant tiddies, sickness, hyper libido, transluscent clothing, etc).

She has no control over what she gets except through food. The chemical makeup of certain dishes seem to trigger specific rolls.

Pure ecchi with video game and cooking shit. This is a girl who naked aprons herself because she likes it.
>Broken Isekai
>British MC arrive in this vidya themed world and think himself a big shot for killing a wolf using exploit.
>Except this is a Bethesda Isekai.

He discovers that almost every intelligent being of this world use exploit to get to up to level 100.
Every non-sentient NPC creature are also level-up to match the average.

A lumberjack bad day is when he have to cut a lvl 67 Treant and break his greater enchanted masterwork magma axes.
A farmer usually take 20lvl in wisdom to guess the weather right and +30 strength when his lvl 50 sheep need to be sheered
Their wives at home usually have 50lvl in magic, some of it to detect their kids putting level in Stealth, some pyromancy perk to light the fireplace and when they conjure some Hero's Feast they do a light show bigger than the house they live in. (Their peasant house have magical cave that double as procedural dungeon & catacomb)
The local blacksmith can't make anything below the "Greater" attribute, even nails.
Local fishermen make part of the river levitate and throw harpoons at giant fish who cast shield & decoy
Meanwhile the kids are playing hide&seek using Improved Invisibility and Chaotic Polymorph
They have to stop because OldMan will summon rain today for the farm.
They grumble because even Epic Mind Control won't sway Oldman maxed out wisdom.

So the monstrous wolf (lvl 32) the MC fought?
It was a "weakened lesser wolf cub" who had barely escaped an acidbear.

The level up exploit itself is simple but it need some coins to buy ingredients and take up to a year to gain 20 level.

The story is about the MC merely surviving (hunting lvl29 rats for coins), using every exploit he can.
Out of pride he pretend to hide his real level, but once the truth get out, everyone are more impressed by the low level warrior.

It end with the lvl15 MC (+best girl) fighting an evil Overlord who broke the limit to lvl999, using exploits beyond insanity it accidentally become a balanced oldschool 2D boss battle.
>Mc gets isekai'd
>Doesn't become big hero like the gods intended
>Fucks off to middle of nowhereville and starts a farm
>Pillar of local community
>Implied demon lord MC doesn't care about because he lives out in the sticks
>mc is a female landlord
>two hikikomori hasnt pay rent
>truns out the first hikikomori is a prodigy and the other one is used to be the strongest female yakuza
>both of them has deep backstory on how they became a shut in but mc didnt know

basically is a everyday life but mix a little bit of drama
an assassin is on a mission to kill all anime porn addicted losers
Mecha war drama between two superpowers with intricate politics and military strategy. At least, that's what it's suppose to be, but we never see any of it.
This anime follows a group of mechanics and technicians that build and service the mechas. It's 24 minutes of mechanical tinkering, struggling to fix some broken part, and confusing technical jargon. The only time we hear about what's really happening in the world is in passing conversations between the workers and the occasional soldier walking by that can be overheard. Worldbuilding is near impossible to figure out, because things the cast say frequently get contradicted later on. They don't really care about the war beyond working on its weapons, since that's all that interests them. They're kind of autistic like that. They regularly fall behind on the current events or misunderstand something and pass on misinformation. The final arc will be them working on the construction of a space dreadnought.
Why would one need to say it?
Just do it.
Do you also say in advance “There's a school full of kids that don't dislike twintail hair?”
Regular isekai fantasy but the main focus is on a noble prince born in that fantasy world. The isekai’d MC is the actual antagonist of the story who is secretly a vessel for a fallen arch angel working under Satan. Nephilim, and /x/ tier cryptids begin popping up out of nowhere. And while that is happening, the Noble prince’s family is betrayed and almost killed off, leaving him the only royal blood left. With some help from the man upstairs and his angels, the Noble prince embarks on a journey to retake his kingdom and stop the world from becoming Hell 2.0. Biblical powers clash and 1600s-like medieval battles ensue. Waifus and harems stare in awe at the sheer power of heaven and hell.
>VRMMO Detective Story
>Failure of a private investigator buys an VRMMO at the request of one his friends
>Doesn't care about the game at all, but tries it out of curosity
>Game has several races, beastmen has hundreads of variations
>Picks the random option and ends up being a Fishman
>Meets friend in the square, who's a mole, they hang out for a while, friend tells him how to play the game, and gives him a house, get drunk.
>Detective passes out
>Wakes up to find a girl right in front of him
>She asks him to find her Mother
>He begrungeonly accepts the quest
>It's revealed that the girl can't see the interfaces that every other player can see.
>Ends up discovering that the girl's mother is dead and a necromancer is using her body as a vessel for a dark god.
>He defeats the necromancer but the mother is still dead.
>Girl asks Detective if she can stay with him, and says sure.
>Detective decides to open up a Private Investgation agency in the virtual world.
>Hard boiled shenangians ensue.
File: 1571345434512.jpg (70 KB, 412x629)
70 KB
this one sounds interesting. I like the premise.
made me think of Kung Fu Hustle a bit, what with retired masters living in an unassuming apartment complex, while various shady organizations from their pasts send the occasional good squad to try and intimidate them.
File: Spoiler Image (195 KB, 422x1200)
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195 KB JPG
>Man gets wish from corrupt genie to have a harem.
>He keeps getting horror-waifus like nosferatus, hunchbacks, tentacle abominations, and screaming skulls.
>He has to pretend he totally isn't into it so the shitty genie won't revoke his wish.
>There's this girl
>She's got a single quirk/trait
>She's got big tits
10/10 AOTY
Depressed divorce attorney gets isekai'd to Boolia, a fantasy world with goblins, elves, and wizards. But most importantly, in this world women and men follow the opposite behavioral patterns. The men are lazy, paunchy, henpecking bitches and whores while the women are chad warriors who buy them drinks for a quick fuck. Sensing a kindred spirit, the ladies quickly take to the MC, who learns to embrace his new identity as the town pump. Then he goes to law school and becomes a divorce attourney in another world.
In a land known as "The Junkyard" several tribes are locked in constant war with each other. As Serph, the leader of the Embryon, the player and the tribe are engaged in battle with the rival Vanguards, when the player comes across a mysterious egg-like artifact. During the conflict the artifact begins to undulate and glow as both sides try to convince the other to remove it. After a sudden explosion of light, the tribes begin horrific transformations into that of demons. Soon after, Serph awakens to find many of his enemies eviscerated and an enigmatic girl sleeping in the crater left by the blast. Upon her discovery the ruling body of Junkyard, the Karma Temple, institutes a new law: whichever tribe brings the girl to them shall be allowed into Nirvana. Only by devouring the other tribes can the player learn of the mystery surrounding the demonic transformations, the girl, and of the land known as Nirvana that will lead everyone to paradise.
Sounds like a cushy SoL
Okay what if we take two sexy babes and make them some kind of special agents in space. And they got around on various missions trying to stop badguys but through various circumstances and luck often leave a wake of collateral damage that can only be graded on a cosmic scale.
you aint stealing my ideas chang
File: 1514387668387.png (230 KB, 760x760)
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230 KB PNG
One day, out of nowhere, aliens invade, bent on world domination! In their normal state, these creatures resemble oversized balls of mochi and travel in pairs of two. Despite being largely immune to conventional weaponry, the aliens choose not to use violence for their goal; rather, they attach parasitically to women, fuse to their bodies, and control their minds. Men are quickly dominated as well, due to a secreted pheromone synthesized from the body of their female host. Within mere weeks, the entire planet falls under their control.
Enter our hero: Miyashiro Tetsuo. He's a gifted college student with a knack for tinkering. However, he's a shut-in and has little to no human interaction, so his talents went largely unnoticed. In a stroke of luck for the human race, an alien spacecraft crashes into his apartment. By reverse engineering the technology he finds within, he constructs a filter mask for the mind control pheromones and a sword capable of not only cleaving these wicked bags of fat from a woman's body, but slaying them for good! Thus begins his quest: bringing justice to our round world by making it flat.
sold and invested

sounds pretty good ngl. Just remember to not make the MC some mary-sue know-it-all who can ex machina out of any problem by grinning at it knowingly

lol I work in satellite manufacturing and sometimes I wonder if the telecom satellites we build are secretly weaponized
Douchebag MC is a dumbass edgelord in middle school. The only way he can get any attention from the other students is by telling edgy stories to gross them out or offend them. He's a good storyteller, so he can hold their attention well, even though they all hate him.

Flash forward to high school. MC has transferred to a new school, and does not know anybody. He whips out his notebook of stories and starts plotting on how to """make friends""" at the new school.
He makes the acquaintance of a girl who sits next to him, intrigued because she has the same name as one of the characters in one of his more gory stories. He realizes he's never had a conversation alone with a girl before, and excitedly tells her the first story he'd ever created: A little girl gets abused by her parents and abandoned under a bridge. His new neighbor is mortified and the MC quickly becomes a pariah.

A month passes. MC has made no friends and is not even attempting to tell stories. He's in a bit of a funk. As he's walking home from school one day, he sees a little girl crying under a bridge. He asks what's wrong and can't get an answer. So he escorts her to the police station. After awhile she calms down and gives her name. It's the same name as the girl in his story. Uh oh

Over the next year, all of the stories that the MC created for cheap shock value play out grotesquely in real life, saddling him with a profound sense of guilt, and forcing him to change in unexpected ways.
Hitler: The Anime
what the hell are you even talking about?, so how are things before that?.
MC wants to make her high school debut to progress from her hiki middle school life. She decides to run for the class rep position to interact with her classmates.

Unfortunately, her class is filled with club fags, sports team jocks, gohomeclub losers, student council suckups, delinquents and gyarus, part-time jobbers, BFF in other classes desperados; all of whom practically star in their own anime and never hang out in class.

MC remains alone and friendless.
where is the guy with cuckold fantasies?.

Mc was a rapist and the girl chose to stay with him rather than wasting her life with the school love interest
the average bollywood action film but in anime form
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
The 2016 US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: The Anime.
Literally any premise but main cast are all waifu-bait tier girls. Also a lot of lesbian tension, may throw in a kiss or two in.
Instant classic on /a/
>sounds pretty good ngl. Just remember to not make the MC some mary-sue know-it-all who can ex machina out of any problem by grinning at it knowingly
I was thinking that he'd be a bit like Okabe if he pretended to be a mad sorcerer instead of a mad scientist.
A group of people wake up from cryogenic sleep to find out that humanity has gone extinct and that they were put to sleep beforehand for this moment so that they can repopulate the world. Unfortunately, these people are all homosexual and absolutely refuse to make love with the opposite sex, so humanity is well on its way to extinction. The series details the remaining days of humanity as these homo couples enjoy life on a post apocalyptic Earth, insisting that they rather die gay than to live straight.
pretty gay bro
>Actual american neckbeard gets isekai'd
>Instead of the generic japanese european fantasy setting, the world more resembles a pulpy, western sword and sorcery story setting
>Humor would come from the dissonance between the MCs weeb fantasy vs the western fantasy setting
Young man ends having an accident on his scooter. After a brain surgery he now seems to feel less emotional.
From that day onwards he starts to notice certain people who wear human faces even though others seem to see nothing unusual in them
Eventually he finds out those having fake faces are all monsters indulging in morbid hobbies as a woman from the metro stalks him and tries to kill him.
His big brother's girlfriend he had an affair with and his best friend turn out to have fake faces too. The girl likes to seduce men and pit them against each other to the point of murder. The friend, owner of a tattoo parlour, likes to carve people into works of art.
Unbeknownst to him, even MC now wears a fake face even since the accident and after killing the girl, who caused his brother's death, he realizes he yearns to find other fake face wearers and kill them.
Sounds a bit like homunculus
>A freelance photographer gets recommended to a shady model by one of his regulars
>Model is actually a centuries old vampire whose adores high fashion and avant-garde art, she hires MC to shoot shots of her in increasing weird and dangerous situations.
>First arc ends with his client impressed and recs him to her friends and family, unveiling an entire underground society of monsters and oddities as he becomes rises to become one of Nightland's few top human celebrities
Morrowind storyline and concepts
In high school
>A burly man walks around a lush post-apocalyptic landscape with a heavy backpack.
>Whenever he reaches a community he silently observes the people there and their ways for a couple days, learning about their customs, etc. This allows to explore possible human behaviors in those kind of conditions with a mini-arc.
>When the arc is reaching its climax, it is abruptly interrupted by the burly man recitying criptic poetry. There is a lesson there, but it comes out as abstract gibberish.
>For the real climax, right after this, a dwarf comes out of the backpack and proceeds to make the lesson clear trough gorey and slapstick means, bringing terror into a community struggling with social norms.
>As some kind of conclusion the dwarf proceeds to fuck the burly man. He's her plaything. As she rides him, the burly man starts deep-throat singing. This should be done in a tasteful and maybe artsy way, not falling in the trap of fetishization.
>They continue their journey.
The formula repeats: beautiful landscapes, examining human psyche, gorey slapstick and tantric sex. This goes on and on until the anime just sort of ends when the dwarf kills the burly man without apparent reason.
Story about a man and his yandere wife. He is super autistic and does everthing he can to avoid her for going beserk. From recording his everyday life with a body camera too cutting out every picture of a woman in a shopping magazine. The story would just be her getting jealous over small things and him revealing how he had already planned for that.
And it would start with him picking her up from prison.
I'd watch it only if it stars Neil Breen suprimposed over the animated scenes trying to interact with the animated characters
19th century. MC's parents died when he was still young. he likes military history and has read all the works of Julius Caesar and all ancient biographies of Alexander the Great. he decides to go on a safari trip to Africa but ends of getting lost but he gets rescued by the l'kpupu tribe. He finds out that the l'kpupus are at war with the oogabooga tribe and uses his knowledge of ancient military tactics to utterly destroy the oogabooga tribe. he then decides to conquer every neighbouring tribe and create a kingdom with him as the deified ruler
would be better if it was sci fi
>Show opens on a feudal Japan-like army preparing for some sort of climactic battle
>As the episode goes on we establish the main character, a young officer, his friends his love interest, his personality etc etc
>As he interacts with them you'd get the feeling that despite his feelings being very much genuine, he keeps his loved ones at arm's lenght
>Eventually the big battle arrived and the hero's faction gets totally stomped by overwhelming numbers
>We see the hero bleeding to death and the hate in his eyes as the big bad evil general as he decapitates him
>The villain smirks and remarks on how many times are they gonna be doing this same song and dance
>Close in on the hero's head, his eyes still full of rage and animosity
>Pull back
>Same exact expression but on a seemingly different man, in a completely different setting looking on to the encroaching big bad's army
>"As many times as it takes"
>Reveal how the show revolves around the rivalry between an immortal demigod/demon/whatever and a man who keeps his memories as he reincarnates
>As the show proceeds we see several of MC's lives, each in a different time period, not necessarily in chronological order and not necessarily in our version of history
>Drop hints about how all this came to be
>Last episode is MC living a peaceful life, finally released from his memories and eternal struggle
There's probably about half a dozen 19th century novels with a similar theme.
>Show about a happy family, father, mother, daughter, maybe additional child or two, older or younger would work, depending on primary daughter's age.
>Mother is away on business for most of the show
>Father works at a well-to-do company
>Daughter is JC/JK, decent enough student and athlete,
>Dad & Daughter have a friendly parent-child relationship as the primary caregiver and tests his daughter with brain teasers and thought experiments
>Daughter encounters a talking fairy and becomes a magical girl
>Some friction develops between Daughter & Father
>A couple weeks afterwards, father gets a call from an old associate asking for him to come back to work for them
>Dad hems and haws but the family says he should do it
>Dad returns and it's revealed the company is a front for the Dark Generals
>Dad cooks up schemes to deal with obnoxious magical girls (including his daughter)
>Daughter navigates schemes with relative ease because she's familiar with her Dad's thinking
>The two of them bicker over the news and bounce ideas off each other, never quite catching on that they're in pursuit of the other's alter ego.
My Father is a Dark General's Lieutenant.
Whats your patreon?
Slice of life but characters are gamers

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