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I'm glad we've FINALLY solved the UV packing question.
>all that AI scare
>almost nothing for tasks that anyone would welcome with open arms of they were automated like uvs and retopo
Yeah you'd think AI would find the absolute perfect application in retopo since there are there are only so much ways to solve most topology problems so through tons of automated learning this could be done, no doubt. Fuck there have been semi-well working attempts by universities in the past with way more primitive technology and yet here we are still without THE AI solution for quick retopo.
Why do they spawn from the top of the screen? Why not just spawn them in right above the square with the velocity they would have from freefalling that distance?
>implying AI niggers would ever work on something that actually benefits artists
that's not fun
this and other shit like repetitive stuff you need to write a special script for, atleast give me good uv layout dud
not AI (that I know of), but I am really happy with the Auto Retopo of 3D Coat
Even if it fails, I just add a guide and then it's fine most of the time
Raster images and text are to scrape and aggregate. They can't do the same for topology because models like that aren't available en masse and if they did it would be obvious they pirated to get access.
The only place where there's exabytes worth of 3d meshes is the stream library and there everything is encoded in different packaging formats and triangulated.

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