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How good is Houdini 20, my lads? Considering cutting the cord with maya. Learning vellum now, but it'll be weeks before I git gud
bitch youre going to come back in YEARS and complain that you still dont understand the basics
>t. room temperature iq
Houdini can't really replace Maya because of its terrible poly modelling and UV. If you do these a lot you need to also learn blender to replace Maya
Rigging and animation aren't there yet either and if you're serious about these you can't drop Maya for a few more years.
Houdini is the future for vfx scene assembly. Asset building will still be crafted in maya/max/zbrush.
where the fuck is the pirate version?
is it uncrackable now?
Houdini has set a terrible precedent.
Instead of vfx and procedural graphics being made using code it's made by nodes.
It could have been a high level language for vfx programming but instead went ham on the concept of nodes to appeal to to idiots, or """decision makers""" who think code is hard.
This has spawned more horrible abominations like geometry nodes or blueprints.
No crack for 20 yet but there's still 19.5 for the time being
It's possible to crack h20 by modifying the keygen but no one's publishing it yet because they don't want to disrespect x-force (who are the scene group responsible for this, and many other, keygens)

But it's only a matter of time before the chinks do it. Iirc they did it for h19 and then x-force released a day later.
>houdini replaces my paid plugin from another DCC
>many such cases

It's over, isn't it?
>chinemen cracked h20 a week ago
>cracked the steam indie version instead of just modifying the xforce keygen
>don't upload it anywhere other than baidu cloud


anyone know if ae-houdini mirrors on non-baidu servers if you pay them their $5 for access?
will you just get a job already. You are f-ing pathetic
it's the principle of the thing
if you want free software, use blender. If you want commercial software, pay for it.
File: file.gif (62 KB, 480x498)
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give job then, coward!!

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