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File: file.png (750 KB, 1198x619)
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750 KB PNG
So this is the power of using blender...
File: khara_01.jpg (87 KB, 1024x606)
87 KB
Blender is for anime only. Kys westerner.
the autism -> cut your dick off-ism -> open source enthusiasm pipeline is widely known but poorly understood, I hope we find a way to help these people and close this dark chapter of human history for good
damn, gurren lagann looks dope in blender
It's psyop to descredit the open-source. The fact that you have option for a software that is guaranteed to be free and to be portbable is objectively major good, only way corporations can discredit it is to associate it with psychos and lunatics.
Look at the shnoz on that guy.
What's a patent, lol?
Circumventing software patents is trivial if you're intelligent, creative and an expert on the subject matter.
Open source shitter devs can only copy-paste from textbooks and other repos.
File: transfaggots be like.png (262 KB, 512x512)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
now I know why I can't get a fucking job in film

gotta be a degenerate rainbow waving tranny loving pedophile tolerating leftist

remember they exploited the artists who worked on spiderwokeverse
The big brains at Autodesk didn't circumvent anything and Mudbox, to this day, still can't handle 50 million poly. What does this mean?
Dead software.
A company of jeets and joos based in Tel Aviv, may HAMAS rockets level their headquarters inshallah.
What makes you think these degenerates wouldn't allow this shit willingly?
yup, slave morality
Dont know what it is but itll run like shit, be finished in a few releases and then run like shit, or will have a paid addon that will fix a flaw with it... while running like shit.
>he doesnt know about the faggots that develop blender
Good Smile Company also use it to make their toys
>This is the power of finally doing what other software has been able to do for years but half-assed and incomplete cause open source

That's correct. Welcome to blender development.
File: kek02.png (89 KB, 870x418)
89 KB
Mayabros currently on suicidewatch
autodesk is so desperate, they've been ddos blender non-stop since yesterday lol

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